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From the Aisha v. Madonna legal case/U.N. Human Rights Abuse complaint click here

Visits to the web site by chronic copyright infringing Defendant Warner Music Group (WMG - Madonna's label):

Parent company Time Warner:

Visits to the web site by Time Warner's Bloomsbury Publishing, one of the book publishing houses Madonna illegally fenced my book manuscripts to:

Visits to the web site by PARIS HILTON (Warner Bros Music copyright infringing video "Stars Are Blind" - also sued by UB40 for stealing the song of the same name):

Time Warner/Warner Bros' AOL where the $2,000 identity theft regarding my bank account and personal info began via a hacker:

(Sony/BMG/Jive) Visits to the site by copyright infringer Beyonce and Sony (there are additional Beyonce stats):

Freemantle (highlighted at the top in red in the stat photo below) is the company in England that owns the show American Idol (Simon Fuller - Spice Girls ect..), who via 19 and SONY BMG, has a deal with copyright infringer Kelly Clarkson, whose flopped album My December, released this summer, has lyrics from my Copyrighted Catalog that is years old, strewn all over it, fraudulently and criminally attributed to Kelly:

Visits to the site by copyright infringing Defendant Disney (Disney film studio that illegally used my copyrighted scripts registered years prior to them using it, is headquartered in Burbank):

Visits to the site by copyright infringing Defendant Disney's Artisan Films:

Visits from copyright infringing Koch Records

Visits to this web site by Washington Mutual Bank who fraudulently stole my $450,000 home and tried to steal another home I leased from a millionaire newscaster, when I didn't even own the second house. Said newscaster raised a stink, as her home payments were up to date. Washington Mutual ended up admitting it was a so called "a clerical error." But they were targeting me once again, just as they did when they stole my home through fraud. Why were they even on my web site. Look how many hits they racked up (1,439). Under the circumstances, it says a lot:

Cyveillance, a confirmed client is Madonna's Warner Bros, keeps combing this web site, front and back pages:




The Oprah Winfrey Show. Harpo is the name of the production company for the show in Chicago (highlighted at the top in red in the stat photo below) :

Dick Cheney's Halliburton:

Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC):

US Military:

US Army:

US Air Force:

Army National Guard:




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