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Madonna And Guy Ritchie Steal Script For New Film "Rock N Rolla" 

July 2, 2007, Miami, Florida - After being sued by Vincent D’Onofrio for stealing the remake proposal for what became the box office bomb “Swept Away,” Guy Ritchie and Madonna have stolen another copyrighted script.  

In 2005, Madonna and her associates, among them her husband Guy Ritchie, were sued in federal court by indie singer/writer/director Aisha for copyright infringement, invasion of privacy and civil rights violations. The case was filed with the Supreme Court in April of this year (case no. 06-1389). A human rights abuse complaint is also being filed with the United Nations.   

However, this has not stopped Madonna and Ritchie from continuing to steal from Aisha’s vast Copyrighted Catalog in an unconscionable manner. 

Aisha’s multi-billion dollar valued copyrighted catalog contains 9,000 songs, 300 movie scripts and short stories, 15 book manuscripts, 200 music video treatments, 500 photographs, 150 photo treatments, a perfume line and clothing line. 

Madonna and her associates gained illegal access to the Copyrighted Catalog and have been using items from it without permission or payment, in blatant violation of domestic an international law. Two forensic companies confirmed in writing how they gained unlawful access to it.  

Announced via press release last week, Guy Ritchie’s latest project, in conjunction with his wife, titled “Rock N Rolla” is a direct rip off of an unreleased script Aisha copyrighted and registered the name for 4 years ago. These registrations predate Ritchie’s rip off by 4 years. 

This is not the first time Guy Ritchie in collusion with his wife have stolen copyrighted works from Aisha’s Catalog.  

Several months ago, in blatant violation of Jamaican law and United Nations treaties, Madonna and Guy Ritchie stole one of Aisha’s copyrighted scripts about her homeland Jamaica and where she currently lives, Miami, and attempted to go out to the island nation to film it.  

He and Madonna contracted Jamaicans for the project and did not tell them the criminal means by which he and his wife procured the script and that it was stolen from a Jamaican as well.  

When Aisha put out a press release read by many, about their misconduct involving her homeland, Ritchie quickly withdrew his name from the project and it disappeared from his IMDB page.

Still determined to unlawfully use items from Aisha’s copyrights, in violation of international law, Ritchie and Madonna have illegally set their sights on another script in Aisha’s catalog, opting to illegally film it in London, in violation of British law as well.  

Ritchie and Madonna will be additionally sued over “Rock N Rolla.” The film is being produced and released by Joel Silver, Steve Clark-Hall and Susan Downey and Warner, Madonna’s label’s namesake and affiliate, who have also illegally helped themselves to items from Aisha’s Catalog in violation of international law. Warner was named as a defendant in the 2005 federal lawsuit and Supreme Court case as well.  

According to published reports last week, Ritchie’s new rip off script is about, “The head of the London mob, which is losing ground to the foreign mob. Thandie Newton plays the love interest for One Two and The Wire's Idris Elba plays Mumbles, the right-hand guy for our hero. Chris Bridges will play Roman, an American who is trying to break into the music scene in London.”

Aisha’s script copyrighted 4 years ago is about one mafia losing ground to foreign mafias, a female love interest and a character trying to break into the music industry. It is the exact same story to the one Ritchie and Madonna have now illegally stolen, renaming it "Rock N Rolla."  

“Her disturbing determination to steal from my Copyrighted Catalog that she gained unlawful access to is sick and absolutely perverse. She is the sickest person my family and I have ever encountered. We want her out of our lives. We are tired of her with the criminal mischief. The lengths she’s gone to to steal is astonishing and repugnant. What’s worse is her damnable legal track record of 22 plus cases testifying against her that she has been doing this contemptible thievery for 20 years. It betrays a great lack of talent and bad breeding. Decent people don’t do things like this. Degenerates do. He is a wimp and a pantywaist for following her into this thievery all the time. Is he this pathetic and desperate. He got burned with Swept Away. This won’t turn out any better.”  

Guy Ritchie was also sued for stealing the copyrights to the films “Snatch,” and “Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels” in addition to “Swept Away.” He was sued for stealing the TV show “Swag” and had to withdraw it.  


Madonna’s Maverick Films has also stolen a movie treatment from Aisha’s Copyrighted Catalog and turned it into an odd television show called The RICHES. Aisha’s movie synopsis copyrighted 3 years ago is about a crooked man that goes to live in suburbia with a family called The RICHS. Madonna’s company’s rip off show is about a crooked family named the RICHES, who move to suburbia.  


The 2007 song and video “Hey You” by Madonna for Live Earth was stolen from years old copyrights in Aisha’s Copyrighted Catalog. Tellingly, as outlets have pointed out, neither the song nor video “Hey You” is about global warming. That is because Madonna stole it from older copyrights from Aisha’s Copyrighted Catalog that are specifically about world peace.


Due to Madonna’s persistent misconduct via vile invasion of privacy and copyright theft she commissioned against Aisha, a United Nations Human Rights Abuse complaint was drafted in May of 2007. It was then sent to the appropriate parties in the Jamaican government, who in turn sent it as an official document to the country’s delegate in the United Nations in New York, to be filed and presented to the international body on behalf of the family. 


Madonna and her associates continue to engage in a pattern of willful criminal copyright infringement, invasion of privacy and racketeering, as outlined in the lawsuit, in spite of the fact that a detailed complaint with evidence exhibits was formally sent to the DOJ and FBI Director Robert Mueller in September of 2005. Mueller did not respond, looking the other way, as he was found to have done in the case of another famous figure, Mark Foley, during the congressional page scandal. The DOJ Inspector General excoriated the FBI for this conduct under Robert Mueller.

The local Miami FBI, run by Jonathan Solomon, stated they are investigating the criminal copyright infringement and invasion of privacy case Aisha v. Madonna.

Aisha was interviewed by two FBI agents regarding the case. FBI special agent J. Christopher Kapcyznski on Thursday November 3, 2005, at the Miami FBI Field Office located at 16320 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami, Florida 33169-6508 and agent Cathy Mary Koontz on Monday, November 7, 2005.

The Minneapolis branch of the FBI sent Aisha a letter a year ago stating they found that she is the victim of a computer based crime that they are investigating.

Aisha was the first to break the story in her December 2006 internet based Sound Off Column about the FBI abusing the Patriot Act via obtaining emails, bank statements and phone records of American and international citizens. Three months later Aisha’s claims in her Column were confirmed when in March 2007 DOJ Inspector General Glenn Fine wrote of FBI abuses of the Patriot Act regarding emails, banks statements and phone records, resulting in a recent Senate inquiry.

A recent federal review in June 2007 found additional Patriot Act abuses committed by the FBI, numbering nearer the higher figure Aisha wrote in her Judiciary Report Column months prior.

"I believed there were more abuses than originally found in March 2007 and wrote my estimate in my Judiciary Report Column months ago. Turns out there were indeed more abuses and they were just discovered last month. It's very disheartening, because as much as one wants to believe privacy still exists, the sad fact of the matter is, it truly doesn't and that's not a good thing." 


Madonna’s many copyright infringement, civil rights violations, invasion of privacy and breach of contract cases illustrate a pattern of misconduct that has spanned five countries: 

1. Aisha v. Madonna (civil rights and copyright infringement)

2. Sorrentino v. Madonna (assault and battery on a 10 year old child)

3. Myers v. Madonna (civil rights violations)

4. Ronald J Myers v. Madonna (civil rights violations)

5. Barrier v. Madonna (civil rights violations)

6. Bourdin v. Madonna (copyright infringement)

7. Easy Street Records v. Madonna (copyright infringement)

8. Acquaviva v. Madonna (copyright infringement)

9. D’Onofrio v. Madonna (copyright infringement)

10. Iving L Williams v. Madonna (copyright infringement)

11. Eon Net LP v. Madonna (copyright /patent/trademark infringement)

12. Rich Kidd Music Publishing, Inc. v. Madonna (copyright infringement)

13. Winterland v. Madonna (copyright infringement)

14. Hobe Cie. LTD v. Madonna (trademark infringement)

15. Coppola v. Madonna (personal injury)

16. Rice v. Madonna (breach of contract)

17. Mclay v. Madonna (breach of contract)

18. Nike, Inc. v. Madonna (breach of contract)

19. Millennium Films v. Madonna (breach of contract)

20. Done and Dusted v. Madonna (breach of contract)

21. DeCastro v. Madonna (invasion of privacy and commissioned stalking and harassment of a Miami family)


The following is a list of works from Aisha’s aforementioned Copyrighted Catalog that she formally alleged Madonna and her affiliates such as Warner Bros Pictures, Warner Bros Records, Warner Bros’ artists like Paris Hilton and Madonna's cousin, Gwen Stefani, among others Madonna does business with, have unlawfully used, in the ongoing infringements of her copyrights.

Defendants in the case who have already been sued in the 2005 Aisha v. Madonna lawsuit that was recently filed with the Supreme Court, continue to infringe more of Aisha’s works, such as Sony for Beyonce and Interscope for Gwen Stefani, who has stolen from Aisha’s Copyrighted Catalog two albums in a row now, reaping millions in illegal profit.

1. Princess Diaries 2 (2005)

2. Prince And Me 1 & 2 (2005)

3. Sam’s Lake (2005)

4. Gravedancers (2005)

5. Material Girls (2006)

6. Valentine’s Day (2006)

7. American Dreamz (2006)

8. Goal (2006)

9. My Sister’s Keeper (2006)

10. Blond Ambition (2007) being produced by Jessica Simpson and her father Joe.

11. Rude Buay (2007) being used by Madonna’s husband Guy Ritchie (his fourth infringement lawsuit since he has been with her).

12. Tonight He Comes (2007)

13. “American Life” song by Madonna (2003)

14. “Orange County Girl” by Madonna’s cousin Gwen Stefani (2006)

15. “Confessions On A Dance Floor” CD by Madonna (2005)

16. A backdrop from Madonna's Re-invention world tour (2004)

17. A backdrop from Madonna's Confessions world tour (2006)

18. "Sorry" Music video by Madonna (2005)

19. “Stars Are Blind” music video by Madonna's fellow Kaballah Center member and Warner Bros artist Paris Hilton (2006)

20. Madonna's fellow Kaballah Centre member Britney Spears’ “Streams Of Consciousness” column, ripped off Aisha's “Sound Off Column” - both bearing the same initials and written content that Spears plagiarized years after my Column was copyrighted, indexed and established online.

21. Items from Aisha's clothing line have been illegally used for Madonna's English Roses clothing line (2005)

22. Items from Aisha's clothing line are illegally being used for Madonna's H&M line (2007)

23. December 2006's "Beauty Buyble" by Judith Regan's Regan Books, who was behind Madonna's 1990's "Sex" book.

24. E’s 2007 “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams”

25. “Dandelions” by Madonna’s fellow Kabbalah Center member Nicole Richie

26. “Where Is Your Dignity” “Burned” and “Happy” by Hillary Duff, who starred in Madonna’s infringing film she stole from my Catalog, “Material Girls”

27. “Hollaback Girl” by Madonna’s cousin Gwen Stefani (2005)

28. “Worldwide Woman,” “Amor Gitmo” and “Welcome To Hollywood” by Beyonce Knowles (2007)

29. “Beautiful Liar,” “Suga Mama,” “Greenlight,” “Flaws and All” and “Still In Love” low budget music videos by Beyonce, also featuring Jay-Z (2007)

30. “Umbrella” by Rihanna and Jay-Z

31. “Can I Live” by Nick Cannon (2005)

32. My Super Ex-Girlfriend (2006)

33. “Never Again” by Kelly Clarkson (2007)

34. “Hey You” by Madonna (2007)

35. A verbatim theft of a specific cultural joke in “Charlie And The Chocolate Factory” (2005), stolen from Aisha's 1998 copyrighted script “Presidential Dreams.” “Charlie And The Chocolate Factory” was produced by Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment in 2005. Brad Pitt starred in Madonna’s husband’s box office bomb “Snatch” which was also the subject of a copyright infringement lawsuit brought by a litigant unaffiliated with Aisha.

36. Promotional photos and items for “Madonna Greatest Hits Volume 2”

37. “Hung Up” music video by Madonna

38. "Madonna's Inspirations" stolen from Aisha's previously copyrighted “Beautiful Inspirations”

39. Madonna.com and Icon web sites layout design and text items.

40. The concept behind “Players: The Mysterious Identity Of William Shakespeare” by Madonna’s lawyer Bertram Fields

41. A character on Disney’s “That’s So Raven” illegally based on Aisha, using willful alterations of Aisha's copyrighted song “Contemporary Girl.” Disney had already been infringing Aisha's copyrights before this transpired and her site has registered thousands of hits from their headquarters.

42. Guy Ritchie’s “Revolver” movie poster

43. Madonna’s record company, Maverick Records, ripped off the band name “American Hi-Fi” from a fictitious band Aisha was putting together an album for called “American Radio.” "American Hi-Fi" and "American Radio" mean the same thing.

44. The group name “Citizens Band” has been stolen from Aisha's Copyrighted Catalog.

45. The song “History” by Madonna

46. Britney Spears song titled “My Sister”

47. “All About Adam” (Disney)


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