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Madonna Steals Semtex® Name

Never one to come up with anything original, Madonna boasted this week that she registered a name called "Semtex Girls."

Never mind it is already the trademark name for a dangerous plastic explosive used by terrorists - and considering she was bragging about being worst than a terrorist - coupled with the fact she is a member of a sick cult, is there something people need to know. Cult members + terrorism + Semtex = trouble.

"Prague - The Czech manufacturer of the plastic explosive Semtex may sue pop star Madonna for trademark infringement, a company spokesman told the CTK news agency Tuesday.

According to British news reports, the US singer recently started a London-based company called Semtex Girls Ltd.

But Semtex is the trademark name owned by Explosia, a maker of industrial and demolition explosives.

Company spokesman Ladislav Lehky said Madonna does not have permission to use the name, which he said is worth 130 million koruna (5.4 million dollars). He said Explosia would 'take the relevant steps because the trademark is protected.'

In an interview with ABC-TV last autumn, Madonna said she has three assistants whom she calls 'Semtex Girls.' But the purpose of her new company reportedly remains a mystery.

Semtex is an infamous terrorist weapon. It was used by the Irish Republican Army and in the bombing of a Pan Am passenger jet over Lockerbie, Scotland, in 1988.

The Czech beverage maker sells a power drink named Semtex with Explosia's permission. - Monsters and Critics.

It should be noted that 1.) she was sued in Miami for trademark infringement before by a company 2.) she is a lunatic 3.) cult members and Semtex are not a good mix.


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