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Madonna Rips Of Metropolis To Make "Express Yourself" Video

For The Dozens Of Artists Madonna Has Ripped Off Click Here

Further cementing her title as the greatest musical fraud in history, it has been revealed by a web site that Madonna's stole not only the song "Express Yourself" but the music video it as well (SEE PHOTO COMPARISONS BELOW).

I stumbled upon a web site that posted a link in a message board thread, where all the users were complaining about what a thief Madonna is and they are correct, as I can attest to that firsthand.

When one's career is based on stealing and defrauding others out of their copyrighted works, over and over again, forming a pattern that spanned one's entire career, it says you are a fraud of the highest order.

To date there have been many very credible copyright infringement and plagiarism claims against Madonna for stealing (listed below).

Then, you look at her forthcoming CD, "Hard Candy" and once again, it is packed with copyright infringement. She stole the CD cover from Kylie Minogue. She stole the song "Candy Shop" from 50 Cent. Then she stole the songs "4 Minutes To Save The World," "Incredible," "Devil" and "Dance Tonight" from my released and unreleased work from my PREEXISTING Copyrighted Catalog that contains 10,000 songs, among other items.

When you look over the sheer amount of stuff Madonna has stolen from so many people, you say to yourself regarding her, what a fraud. Her career has been an absolute, unequivocal fraud.

Like A Virgin
Express Yourself
Express Yourself (video)
Open Your Heart
Justify My Love
In Bed With Madonna
Sex (book)
Bad Girl
Ray Of Light (video)
Nothing Fails
Love Profusion (video)
Beautiful Stranger
What It Feels Like For A Girl
What It Feels Like For A Girl (video)
American Life
Hollywood (video)
Impressive Instant
Sky Fits Heaven
Hung Up
Like It Or Not
Forbidden Love
Let It Will Be
Get Together
Candy Shop
Hard Candy (CD cover)
4 Minutes To Save The World
Dance Tonight
Swept Away (movie)
Material Girls (movie)
Debbie Harry's image
The Kylie Minogue's image
Peaches' image
Madonna's "Express Yourself" in 1989 (left column) and Metropolis by Frtiz Lang in 1927 (right column)



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