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Madonna Tries To Get Writers Credit For "You Must Love Me" Which She Didn't Write

Madonna has a history of trying to horn in on credit for work she did not do or deserve credit for. This has been written about in several publications. It is discussed in the Andrew Morton biography about her titled "Madonna."

An award winning songwriting partner of Andrew Lloyd Webber complained of her trying to horn in on credit for his song by trying to change a few lyrics (Notice a pattern yet? Look how many writers keep saying this about her).

She somehow managed to get the lead role in Evita, regardless of the fact that she cannot act and people have begged her for years to stop for the sake of cinema. When it came time for the soundtrack, the studio hired two award-winning composers to pen the songs. After receiving his properly written song, sheet music and all, Madonna sent it back with revisions adding a few words (similar to what she did with the song “Justify My Love” by Ingrid Chavez, which I wrote about above).

Madonna doing revisions to a song is like Homer Simpson doing revisions to Shakespeare.

The composer who penned the song is a trained writer, unlike Madonna, but she wrote a few words, revising his already completed song in what was widely viewed in the industry as her unethically trying to horn in on credit for his composition. Credibility is something she’s always sought, but never achieved.

Never mind the man wrote the lyrics, piano and strings for the song already. When songs are credited, the names will appear as though each person did the same amount of work, when with some female singers today that’s not the case.

Horning in on credit for something someone else wrote by trying to add a few words and collecting underserved publishing royalties/credit is not songwriting and is just plain disgusting. 

However, offended and branding her revisions "abysmal and banal lyrics” the writer stood firm, rejected her so called lyrics and later won an Oscar for the song she tried to add a few words to and horn in on the credit for. He won it without her so-called revisions.

If he hadn't stood firm, she would have won an Oscar for an already completed song that she tried to add a few words to, having nothing to do with its creation or music. What a travesty that would have been.

However, that’s what she does. According to a May 27th, 2003 Fox News article titled "Madonna Tour: Does She Need The Cash?" all her songs that were big hits were all written by someone else, while the latter, more unsuccessful songs that she performed and supposedly “co-wrote” were all written with someone else, which is a tell tale sign in the industry. 

Music critic Chuck Dimaria commented, "I always felt that if you leave Madonna in a room with a guitar and a pad of paper, all she’ll write is her grocery list.  I have a hard time swallowing that she’s as much of a songwriter as the credits would lead you to believe."


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