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2-1-09 Sony Has Not Responded To Legal "Demand Letter" From My Attorney


Sony chairman Howard Stringer

 In the face of declining revenues, down 95% over the last year since the boycott, papers are asking, "How much longer can he hang on." People are calling for his removal. Sony has been to this website numerous times, before and after they criminally infringed my preexisting copyrights. See site stats here.


This is regarding the Sony copyright infringement case. My dad was able to get one of Jamaica's most well respected, successful attorneys, he has known for 15-years to take the case. This man is licensed to practice law in Jamaica and Britain. He even teaches law at a prestigious university.

For two weeks he obtained case files and pertinent information from me on the new Sony Music infringements, which I had written about online, to familiarize himself with the specifics of the case and how to proceed in the appropriate fashion.

After thoroughly studying the evidence and documented facts, in a timely manner, he drafted a respectful, truthful and accurate "demand letter" as it is called in legal jargon, citing all the facts, my copyright certificates and the infringement comparisons.

In the letter, he offered the option of a settlement and amicable resolution to the case, not naming any financial figure regarding it, to make talks as easy as possible. It was as decent and appropriate as a "demand letter" can be. He had it couriered from Kingston, Jamaica to Sony in New York.

That was over a month ago...AND SONY HAS NOT RESPONDED.

They unlawfully accessed my preexisting Copyrighted Catalog, in conjunction with Madonna (who is under contract with Sony, as they distributed her album and other stolen songs of hers through their cell/mobile phones), who started this severe, criminal misconduct, unprovoked.

They not only stole copyrighted items viewed by many, right off my website, they also engaged in hacking and burglary, as described here and supported by police and computer specialist reports, illegally used and mass produced them without permission, reaping well over $1 billion dollars in illegal profit, in acts so arrogant and felonious it cannot be excused.

I interpret these thefts and them not responding to the legal letter from my attorney as Sony and company wantonly and arrogantly disregarding my legal and civil rights. I have done all I can in good faith to resolve this matter in civil court, as opposed to criminal court. They have been given the opportunity to lawfully make amends for what they have done and arrogantly and disrespectfully refused.

Sony in Japan is also fully apprized of Sony New York's conduct, as executives Ryoji Chubachi and Katsumi Ihara were sent cease and desist letters by me in September 2008, as well as New York executives Howard Stringer and Barry Weiss. The other labels infringing my preexisting copyrights in conjunction with Madonna were sent cease and desist letters in September 2008 as well.

Then my attorney took over. However, they have not responded to the mid-December 2008 "demand letter" from my lawyer, as Sony clearly wishes to continue criminally stealing from my Copyrighted Catalog. Sony Music is currently still stealing and so is their Overbrook film company run by Will Smith for Sony Pictures. In light of that, let’s shut them down.

Take a look at the evidence again for yourself and do remember it the next time Sony tries to sell you a flatscreen TV, DVD player, CD player, laptop, PC, video game system, video game, DVD, CD and or music downloads.

In the time I have been writing about Sony regarding the thefts committed by them, especially on the Judiciary Report website, beginning in January 2008, their sales and stock have plummeted and ratings have dropped drastically.

They can't blame it on the economy, as their rival Apple that sells the same type of merchandise they do, is still doing well, posting strong profits. Where they were both doing well before, but since my articles on Sony and the boycott, only Apple is doing well. Sony Music can spin that story anyway they'd like.

The fact of the matter is the public doesn't like a story like this and that's what's happening to their sales. Multi-billion dollar corporation rips off black female immigrant of over $1 billion in preexisting copyrights in violation of the U.S. Code and international law. I know I wouldn't support a company like that with my dollars and I am asking you the consumer, respectfully, not to either, as their conduct is pure arrogance and theft.

Stealing from my preexisting Copyrights in conjunction with Madonna and parading it all over the world, grinning at people, like what you did is something to be proud of, when it is shameful and disgusting, sent the public a nasty message about you. Hence your sales drastically falling.

They unlawfully dismantled my company, Sonustar, by criminally stealing its assets, the Copyrighted Catalog, and somehow thought this abhorrent conduct was acceptable human behavior. It isn't even legal in any country of the world.

This is not the first time something like this has happened regarding Sony. They arrogantly used my godmother's husband's music without permission, legendary music producer, Clement Coxsonne Dodd, that invented reggae and ska music and discovered and signed Bob Marley among others, their music listened to by billions around the world - yet an attorney had to initiate litigation against Sony on Coxsonne's behalf, regarding copyright infringement as well.

My dad, one of the most sought after musicologists in the world, watched that case unfold as well, as he knows the attorney that was asked to handle it and Coxsonne was a life long friend of 40 years before he passed away.

That was not the only case either. Why is Sony and its labels like Jive, J, Arista, Columbia, Epic, 19 (Simon Fuller) and Syco (Simon Cowell) constantly stealing from and exploiting Jamaicans, as though we have no rights and the island is some SLAVE OUTPOST that didn't receive independence from a sovereign nation, Britain, when we did. It looks bad and lends a certain terrible, offensive impression. To so consistently steal from and exploit Jamaican writers and musicians, and now disrespectfully not respond to my attorney's letter, says to me that Sony thinks the island is some two bit nation still apart of the slave trade, where our labor is free at your disposal AND I AM OFFENDED!

Their conduct is also delaying my patents, they know this and don't care, but make no mistake, the patents will come out. However, their conduct shall produce inauspicious consequences for them legally and socially. The Bible says you'll reap what you sow and God would never bless such misconduct.

In closing, please do not buy Sony stock either. They are flagrantly breaking U.S. and international law, are under investigation, are prime candidates for criminal charges in more than one country and as such you will lose your money investing in them.

Sony Profit Tumbles 95 Percent

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- Sony Corp. reported Thursday its third-quarter profit was almost entirely wiped out and it still expects to post its first full-year loss in 14 years.

Sony reported its profit for the October-December quarter fell to 10.4 billion yen ($114 million), or about 10 yen a share, from 200 billion yen, or 190 yen a share, in the same quarter a year before...

Outlook still grim

Sony also affirmed its outlook for a 150 billion yen loss for the fiscal year ending in March, compared to a 369 billion yen profit in the previous year...


Pressure Builds on Sony Boss Stringer

The company blames its woes on the strong yen, but some analysts are not convinced. How long can the CEO hang on?

Japan January 29, 2009, 8:49PM EST - Sony yesterday announced an operating loss of ¥18 billion ($197 million) for the crucial Christmas quarter of fiscal 2008 (ending March 2009), compared to a gain of ¥236.2 billion for the same October-December period in 2007…

And if you delve deeper into the figures, it does not seem possible that currency shifts were the principal cause of the company's losses. Sony's initial guidance for FY08 was ¥450 billion in operating profit, based on an exchange rate of ¥100 to the dollar. According to brokerage CLSA, yen appreciation would have had an impact of around ¥100 billion, meaning a profit of ¥350 billion. Instead, the company is now forecasting an operating loss of ¥260 billion, or a swing of ¥610 billion on top of the currency losses…

Some analysts believe that what Sony is now confronted with is a management failure, and that it won't be long before talk of Stringer's departure becomes more urgent

However, it's difficult to see where opposition to Stringer might become concentrated.



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