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On October 17, 2005, I filed the following complaint with the Met Police UK, regarding Madonna and the Sun Newspaper (Victoria Newton's Bizarre Column in particular), owned by News Group Newspapers, all operating from the same address of 1 Virginia Street, London E98 1NW, for invasion of privacy, illegal wiretapping, hacking and copyright infringement, among other things, as listed in my lawsuit found here.

As it turns out, a month later, they opened an investigation into the very same company I complained about and sued, News Group Newspapers, for one of their most well known editors, Clive Goodman, illegally "wiretapping" and "hacking" the royal family - two of the allegations I leveled at them in my lawsuit and police complaint two months prior.

After a 9 month investigation the editor was arrested and has since plead guilty to the charges.

I feel somewhat vindicated in that the editor admitted their establishment wiretaps and hacks people, just like I alleged in my complaint several months before the whole thing busted. It is clearly a pattern of bad behavior. 

The Met Police have since said via a news report that they are looking into other cases of them wiretapping other people, but I do not know that this will include me.

The Met Police investigator I spoke to in October 2005 when I filed the complaint told me that because the violations Madonna and co are perpetrating against me are happening on U.S. soil, it is in the FBI's jurisdiction. I'd filed a complaint with the FBI, 3 weeks before I filed one with the Met Police UK.

Here's where I wrote about this in the Column a few months ago and below it you will find the actual complaint I filed last year.

Newspaper Editor Busted For Wiretapping The Royal Family

One of the Defendants I accused in my lawsuit of wiretapping and illegally printing items from my already copyrighted works in the SUN NEWSPAPER, attributing it to Madonna along with verbatim items from several of our personal calls, is “NEWS GROUP NEWSPAPERS LTD” and their paper THE SUN NEWSPAPER LTD UK. NEWS GROUP NEWSPAPERS LTD owns the NEWS OF THE WORLD Newspaper whose editor got arrested two weeks ago for wiretapping the Royal Family, with a widening investigation looking into other people that they illegally wiretapped.

THE SUN NEWSPAPER LTD UK and NEWS OF THE WORLD are commonly referred to as “brother and sister newspapers” owned by the same company and both papers are run from the SAME OFFICE/BUILDING IN LONDON which is 1 Virginia Street, London E98 1NW. They share employees, management, reporters, scoops and online archives.

I filed a complaint with The Metropolitan Police in London in early October 2005 complaining about this same company on the issue of wiretapping and copyright infringement. I kept a copy of the complaint I filed. I provided the Met Police investigator with a link to the lawsuit on my web site for him to read it. My web site software confirms it was accessed and read by the Metropolitan Police in the UK back in October of 2005.

Ironically, a month later, in November 2005 they started investigating these same people for wiretapping the royal family and are widening the probe to see the full extent of who was wiretapped, according to AP news reports out of London. The news of the investigation was just made public this month.

Last year the Met Police officer/investigator told me that my case would have to be brought by the FBI in America because I am on US soil with my rights being violated in said place.

This is what I was referring to in  July 2006's Sound Off Column when I wrote this about Robert Mueller:

"As a European law enforcement officer/investigator I spoke to said to me in regards to the FBI (that's you) actually doing its job investigating the case of Madonna and co's criminal misconduct and actually bringing them to justice, "Don't hold your breath." You know, I have to say, it's a comforting thought (not really) to know that not only do people in this country think you don't and won't do what the taxpayers' pay you to do, which is preserve and bring about justice (read further in the Column for Frontpage Magazine article), it is the international consensus as well." - Sound Off Column, July 31, 2006

Ironically, much like how I found out my privacy was being invaded by the same company, they realized there was wiretapping when private, detailed items said over the phone by Prince William, his secretary and others, was being printed in the newspaper, which is quite sick.

That is an Anthony Pellicano tactic that he used many times in Hollywood against innocent people in the entertainment industry on behalf of Madonna's lawyer's famous clients. I'm not saying Pellicano did this to the Royal Family - I'm saying the newspaper clearly was inspired to use this more subtle tactic of printing things in the paper unattributed, from private intercepted calls and voice mails, from his handiwork.

"Royal 'Phone Tapping' Duo Charged

The investigation was prompted by complaints from Prince Charles' Clarence House office.

LONDON, England (CNN) -- A British tabloid editor and another man have been charged with snooping on other people's voice mail in a probe of wiretapping allegations that centered on Prince Charles' official residence, police have announced.

Clive Goodman, the royalty editor for the News of the World, and Glen Mulcaire, a 35-year-old suburban London resident, were released on bail after police charged each with eight counts of illegally intercepting phone messages and one count of conspiracy, London's Metropolitan Police said in a written statement.

Goodman and Mulcaire are scheduled to appear in court on those charges on August 16.

Goodman, 48, and Mulcaire were arrested on Tuesday as part of a police probe that started with Clarence House, the official residence of Charles and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. The charges against them span from January to May.

Scotland Yard announced Tuesday that it was looking into wiretapping allegations that could involve of a number of people, including "public figures beyond the Royal Household" -- a term that covers both members of the royal family and their staff.

The intercepts "may have potential security implications," police said." - CNN

This coupled with the FBI/DOJ letter I received last month, which stated the Minneapolis Division of the FBI found my personal identifying data was compromised via the internet/computer intrusion, connects the dots of what I already knew.


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