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Aisha v. Madonna Lawsuit

Boycott Madonna’s Copyright Infringing New CD “HARD CANDY”

CASE BACKGROUND: My years old preexisting Copyrighted Catalog in the Library of Congress contains 10,000 songs, 300 movie scripts and short stories, 15 book manuscripts, 200 music video treatments, 500 photographs, 150 photo treatments, a perfume line and clothing line I authored over the course of many years, that's now unwittingly made me a target. Madonna, who's stolen from dozens of artists, unlawfully accessed my preexisting Copyrighted Catalog and started using it without permission, releasing and attributing numerous items from my Copyrighted Catalog to herself.

In infringing items from my Copyrighted Catalog to get her own projects made, Madonna like a common criminal, exposed it to writers, producers and executives she works with at Warner Bros and other labels and studios, who got caught when they visited the site then knowingly used the work illegally, when they should not have known who I am click here for site stats. Madonna began Passing It Around without permission, in a very old, contemptible, unsavory, unlawful industry practice known to the FBI (Sophia Stewart v. Warner Bros). The case has been sent to the FBI, who said they are investigating it (I was interviewed by two FBI agents) and the UN, whose web site states they take 1 year to review Human Rights Abuse cases.

Because I chose to legally fight back against Kabbalah cult member Madonna, commissioned criminal conduct emanating from the same source began against me, similar to now well known tactics often used by Hollywood cults Scientology and Kabbalah, who share the same lawyer (Bert Fields). I have been harassed, sent two death threats, my web sites hosted by Go Daddy have been illegally hacked and spammed with thousands of  hacker generated emails (10,000). My computers have been severely hacked with the contents copied (Copyrighted Catalog). My home has been broken into numerous times, which police reports verify, where CD-ROMs containing my unreleased copyrighted music, movie scripts and book manuscripts were stolen. On my way to court dates and legal appointments regarding this case, as recently as October of 2007, I was criminally threatened in public by menacing individuals employing Anthony Pellicano style harassment tactics, who mysteriously know the private details of my life and contents of my personal and business phone calls. Madonna is among Anthony Pellicano's clients, so are her lawyer Bert Fields and former manger of many years, Fred DeMann.

In October 2007, a former Jamaican Prime Minister found a copyright attorney to represent me. Said attorney and a partner in his international law firm have been working on the case, as it relates to Sony/BMG and Interscope, as I requested. The Madonna case and the other thefts that sprang from it will be pursued separately and internationally in other world forums by a human rights law firm.

LINKS: LawsuitAppeals Brief | The Dozens Of Artists Madonna Has Ripped Off | Plagiarism Article

Computer Specialists Certify Hackings Of My Computer | FBI/DOJ Letter About Computer/Identity Theft |

Robert Mueller (FBI) Delivery Confirmation Receipt Of My Formal Complaint | Filed Met Police Complaint |

Supreme Court Petition | Human Rights Abuse Complaint (UN) | Madonna's Hackers' Info new | FBI FOI Request Response | Congress | My Copyright Registrations Listed At The Library Of Congress

INFRINGEMENTS LINKS:  Beyonce (Jive/Sony/BMG) | Britney Spears (Jive/Sony/BMG) |  Nick Cannon (Jive/Sony/BMG) | Kelly Clarkson (Jive/Sony/BMG) | Carrie Underwood (Sony/BMG) / Mario (Sony/BMG) | Daughtry (Jive/Sony/BMG) | Gwen Stefani - Madonna's cousin (Interscope) | Madonna (Warner Bros) | Danja Madonna's producer | Princess Diaries 2 (from the makers of Madonna's rip off Material Girls movie) |

COMING SOON: international lawsuits & more comparative lists of artist infringements.

8-16-07 Supreme Court Decision

From the July 31, 2007 Sound Off Column

Two weeks ago I received a letter stating the Supreme Court denied the case. I'm not surprised. I realized the Supreme Court was corrupt when certain decisions they kept pushing out was condemned by the public, and denying the case of Lewis Perdue, who Dan Brown blatantly STOLE SEVERAL HUNDRED COPYRIGHTED ITEMS FROM to make the Da Vinci Code book. Perdue copyrighted and published his books 20 years before Dan Brown stole them.

The courts side with the money coming into the Treasury, not justice. Besides, the Supreme Court only takes cases they feel will get their faces in the paper. They are not following Rule 10.

If they can grant Anna Nicole Smith's case, where her abandoned husband expressly left her out of his billion dollar will, for how she married him then took off, with the Justices going against the man's wishes, to give her another shot at stealing a family's fortune in court that she did not earn nor was she entitled to, then in the next breath deny petitions from people on death row whose lives are at stake and are emphatically stating they have been wrongfully sentenced to death, it says they are corrupt. You're better off giving your money to charity than filing a case with them ($400 fee). 

Not only are the preparation requirements for filing unnecessarily stringent and insufferable (do you know how many printing companies I took my petition to with the Supreme Court's instructions, that kept asking me, "what is wrong with these people," "why do they want all that?" and "what does that mean," for requesting such a layout and set up).

From the double sided printing on irregular sized paper, to the expensive 65 pound card stock paper they require, to the particular binding and excessive amount of copies (40 for the Supreme Court, plus 3 for each defendant) they aren't paying attention to justice matters, requesting all that, then churning out corruption on top of it.

They have another agenda and a corrupt one (for further reference see the race based school initiative designed to level the playing field, that the Supreme Court shotdown a few weeks ago, which drew condemnation in Congress).

Justices Alito and Roberts, you know the one that fell 10 feet this week, hit his head, was foaming at the mouth, had a seizure and was hospitalized, abstained from my case, according to the letter I received from the Supreme Court.

But I do think he slipped and bumped his head metaphorically as well, as the popular phrase goes, as he is responsible for that corrupt court and that's a cowardly, spineless, wimpy cop out. It screams corruption. You've protected the criminals and it is duly reflected in my forthcoming book and will be as well in my film about the case.

I guess them abstaining is supposed to absolve them of guilt, in that a person has been abused, assaulted on the same street as a U.S. court house, criminally defrauded out of billions in Copyrights that were devalued by lawbreaking stars and Hollywood executives, with her privacy and that of her family vilely violated, all in relation to the same case (Anthony Pellicano style), in your metaphorical house, on your watch, but you willfully ignored it, so you're not responsible, though you are the head of the court. Right. God don't like ugly, as the phrase goes and people reap what they sow. 

Not to worry, the international lawsuits are going to begin soon. They will be handled by lawyers and run as long as they need to, in as many venues as they need to, to get this matter resolved. So this thing is truly just getting started. Updates of developments in the case will be posted to the web site.

The UN complaint will be posted first and shortly.

I've also finished the book Justice And Truth, which is about the case and everything's in it. It's 200 plus pages and lays bare what happened, in all its ugly detail, blow by blow, including the massive corruption that allowed and condoned these very serious crimes, that goes further than I have made public (the UN complaint will reveal some of said additional crimes shortly, then the book fully). It's a real eye opener and you will never look at the system the same again after reading it.  

Since the Supreme Court's corrupt conduct, Madonna and some of the defendants from the case, have interpreted it as free rein to steal more copyrights, which they did, but I am asking you to keep boycotting them. I will post the recently announced forthcoming infringements I've found shortly. 

Since the boycott began in 2005, the albums and films stolen and listed on here as such, have all flopped. Thanks to all who boycotted them. They have lost far more than they have gained through breaking the law at my expense. Stealing from my Copyrighted Catalog has been costing them money and their credibility, as attested by numerous items online about the case.  

Warner Music Group, the main offender that Madonna records for, has seen their stock price go from $25 a share to $12 a share and declining. Madonna's album flopped, Kelly Clarkson's album that has lyrics from my Copyrighted Catalog illegally strewn all over it flopped and she was forced to cancel her tour due to poor ticket sales, Hillary Duff's album flopped, Stefani's album did poorly, falling out of the charts and failing to yield a real hit, Beyonce's re-release CD/DVD with the infringing music videos and songs bombed and was then pulled, and Rihanna's album has flopped, as it has been out for months, run out of steam and has not even crossed gold when they were expecting double platinum, leaving Def Jam disappointed (airplay can be manipulated, as the payola scandal of 2006 revealed):


"[Def Jam] has already sent out emails and made phone calls to producers and writers looking for a new female act to sign - to restart what failed with Teairra Marie and Rihanna. Everyone over here is really disappointed in Rihannas lackluster album sales. Considering that umbrella has been number one for so long and received so much positive feedback from radio, we thought it would should have done much better than 160,000 first week." - MTO

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6-13-07 Copyright Office Fraud Follow Up

Photo courtesy of Holy Moly web site

Yes, again. This is a follow up to my article yesterday about another incident of Copyright Office Fraud. (Copyright Office Fraud" "Copyright Office Fraud Update" and "Copyright Office Commits Fraud Again"). 

Please read that article to get up to speed, if you haven’t already, regarding Madonna, who I sued, infringing copyrights of mine that temporarily and fraudulently lost US copyright protection under suspicious circumstances, that later had to be reinstated by Copyright Office supervisors. 

Yesterday, shortly after that post, I called Copyright Office supervisor Brenda Roseboro to inquire as to what their explanation was for this latest incident.  

She blamed it on the sorting machines at the Copyright Office, stating my money order probably got separated from my Copyright registration.  

She said she will “do a check for loose checks” and even if she doesn’t find it there, she will ask her boss to comp it, considering I have proof of payment and postage that is tracked, which I read to her over the phone.  

She apologized again and gave me another tracking number and told me to send the copyright submission back that was fraudulently returned to me claiming I didn’t send the $45.00 fee, when I did.  

That settles this incident for now, but there is a greater underlying issue in this case that cannot and will not be ignored.  

It gives the appearance that certain parties in Hollywood are trying to get some of my Copyrights thrown out and are making illegal attempts to thwart the dates of authorship through illegal connections, so when they later steal and infringe it after they illegally access and copy it, they can try to claim they registered it first, when they did not.  

As I wrote yesterday, the Copyright Office is not my only legally accepted source of protecting my works, so certain parties in Hollywood are in for a nasty shock.  

But in the mean time, Madonna and co., continue to disgrace and corrupt the judiciary and Congress to everyone, in a case that is being viewed by millions around the globe. 

It goes to show that money corrupts some people and only a low class low life with money would seek such sick means at any cost to steal what does not belong to them.

It has been duly recorded and is being duly watched. 

After an unprecedented 22 plus copyright infringement and fraud lawsuits against her from credible people all over the world, all telling the same story, who don’t even know each other, does Madonna really think people believe her anymore.  

Article found here

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6-12-07 Copyright Office Commits Fraud Again

A follow up on my June 4, 2007 Judiciary Report articles "Copyright Office Fraud" and its June 8, 2007 follow up "Copyright Office Fraud Update." Yesterday, I received a package in the mail from the Copyright Office postmarked June 3, 2007. In it was a copyright submission I sent in on March 30, 2007, fraudulently returned to me once again.

This time they are claiming I didn't send payment with a copyright titled AISHA WORK 28, which is an error I have never made in over 15 years of copyrighting, when I did send the full payment of $45.00 via postal order number: 10719116752 via tracked mail no: 03061070000141804786 in that March 30, 2007 package. All documents pertaining to this and the other two incidents will be posted on the site shortly.

Isn't it great to know this type of fraud and lack of integrity exists within an offshoot of Congress. The contents of this copyright was properly preserved and registered with its authorship already established and protected in several ways.

Therefore, this latest attempt at fraud only provides more evidence and serves to illustrate the points I have been making, regarding the rampant dishonesty and lack of integrity present in this case, in certain parties trying to destroy some of my valuable copyrights, so money hungry parties in Hollywood can illegally use them in violation of domestic and international law.

This latest incident has been duly noted and added as additional evidence in my UN complaint and for the international lawsuits.

It doesn't look good on them, as this is the third time something of this fraudulent nature has happened, highlighting a very serious problem in Congress that copyright holders all over the world need to take note of.

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6-7-07 Info About Press Release

It appears the Madonna crazies commissioned hacker has been complaining about my latest press release to the sites that run it, due to the number of hits it's been getting.

They don't want people knowing about the case...or the continued misconduct they are engaging in that there is irrefutable proof of. Even her fans gave up defending her many months ago and stopped emailing me because with all the new evidence that kept coming out, they realized she's done something very wrong. They stopped emailing me, whining a long time ago.

The only one still emailing me defending Madonna under different names is the commissioned hacker from the legal case. 10 - 15 emails from the same person using different names, does not count as complaints, but as craziness (same IP address, range and writing style).

He's done what he is doing to the PR sites to my site before, sending a few dozen threatening, angry, crazy emails under different names (same IP). And that's when he isn't trying to hack my site offline so no one can read the case files.

Let the public decide for themselves based on the facts and evidence in the case, not reliant upon anyone's waning celebrity. There is such a thing as free speech in the world, where people are allowed to express via spoken and written word, the injustices that transpire against them. Why should you be the only one to air your side of the story, when you are the one breaking domestic and international privacy and copyright law. 

And considering Madonna and co. have a few dozen legal cases all over the world from different credible people, for invasion of privacy and willfully stealing copyrights and trademarks after other parties had authored and legally registered them, says there is a problem and that she is the liar. If you don't want people writing about your misconduct, don't commit it then. It's that simple. 

It is pretty sick and pathetic that anyone would seek to suppress and cover up such abhorrent conduct. It says they did something wrong and have something to hide. If you're arrogant enough to commit misconduct, be bad enough to own up to it. Stop being a coward.

The information is out there. People know about the case and what you've been doing. It's too late. Get over it. Credible, professional people from different walks of life have read the case evidence and slammed you for what you're doing. I am going to post a substantial amount of additional evidence shortly, since they continue to try to suppress the case.

6-5-07 Defendant Disney Criminally Steals Another Script From My Catalog

A new criminal copyright infringement of my work, has just been announced by Disney, who has been a defendant in the case, since 2005. It’s called “All About Adam” which is a criminally obtained rip off of one of my already copyrighted Biblical comedies. I am asking you to boycott this film when it comes out. Any changes to the title or anything with the project and I will let you know, so you can know which project it is to boycott. They are still criminally using items from the catalog in flagrant violation of domestic and United Nations laws.

Disney Films has been a visitor to this site on numerous occasions for years now well BEFORE and after the case was filed against them, meaning they’ve been targeting me for some time now and in violation of SEC rules. They have racked up thousands of hits to the site that I will post the data for shortly:

Disney nabs 'All About Adam'

Studio purchases Schoolcraft, Simons script

Disney has made a preemptive six-figure purchase of "All About Adam," a spec script by Alan Schoolcraft and Brent Simons. Scott Rudin will produce the project.

Spec follows the biblical Adam as he trails Eve to modern-day Gotham after they have a lover's quarrel. Adam discovers Satan was behind the breakup.

Deal marks the second significant spec sale for the writers; DreamWorks Animation previously snatched up "Mastermind." That project has Ben Stiller attached to produce, with Cameron Hood and Kyle Jefferson to direct. They helmed the DreamWorks Animation 3-D short "First Flight."


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6-4-07 Copyright Office Fraud

Here is an excerpt from my United Nations human rights abuse complaint, related to the legal case Aisha v. Madonna, that was delivered to the appropriate party to file. This excerpt is regarding copyright office fraud that I've encountered twice:


"As Section 12 of this complaint illustrates, I am the owner of dozens of copyright certificates from the Library of Congress in Washington, DC.

While all my works are securely copyrighted, a copyright submission titled AISHA WORK 19, was returned to me, via fraud, by Copyright Office Supervisor Brenda Roseboro.

In a Copyright Office letter dated February 28, 2007, postmarked by the U.S. Mail service on Friday, March 2, 2007 and received by me on Monday, March 5, 2007, it stated I only sent in $30 for this particular copyright and that the rates were just raised that very month to $45.

In a letter dated May 7, 2007, Copyright Office Supervisor Brenda Roseboro, committed fraud, via writing that she sent me a letter on August 31, 2006, stating I had remitted the copyright registration fee accompanying AISHA WORK 19, $15 short and to send the additional funds in the amount of $15 within 60 days.

She did nothing of the sort. The letter she sent me flagging AISHA WORK 19 for being $15 short, due to the Copyright Office increasing fees that same month I sent in that registration for the copyright AISHA WORK 19, was DATED February 28, 2007, NOT August 31, 2006 as she claimed in her letter.

Furthermore, I remitted the additional $15 requested, within the allotted time, via a U.S. postal order, no 10720786544 and sent it via U.S. mail that is stamped and marked with a record of having been sent and on time.

Ms. Roseboro's deeds constitutes fraud of the highest order, as the Copyright AISHA WORK 19 is worth a significant amount of money.  

Prior to sending in the copyright registration AISHA WORK 19, I purchased ICANN internet names for the copyrighted songs and scripts in the project, as well as securing the copyright via other means.

AISHA WORK 19 is also embedded in other copyrights that were approved, unbeknownst to Ms. Roseboro. The works are thoroughly registered in multiple ways and protected under domestic and international law.

However, this was another blatant attempt at trying to get rid of one of my Copyrights, to pave the way for uncreative, lawbreaking parties in Hollywood to use it in violation of the U.S. Code and United Nations laws.

This misconduct transpired once before, via U.S. Copyright Office employee Robert Blakenburg, mentioned in the lawsuit Aisha v. Madonna, who told me over the phone, "You can't sue Warner Bros" which is Madonna's record label, without me even telling him I was suing them. He further fraudulently and menacingly told me items really "Aren't copyrightable and anyone is free to use your works." If that is the case, what is the purpose of having a Copyright Office.

Mr. Blakenburg fraudulently flagged one of my copyright registration submissions and did not send out the required Copyright Office letter stating what he had done. Copyright Office rules mandate any works flagged by a Copyright Office agent must be accompanied by a letter sent to the registrant notifying them of the work being flagged and giving them the standard 120 days to make corrections and or answer the questions the copyright agent had with their registration submission.

After the 120 days elapses without a response from the registrant, the copyright registration can be thrown out and the registrant loses all rights to their work.

Mr. Blakenburg, threw out that copyright registration without even sending the letter, which constitutes fraud under the U.S. Code, as it was a valuable copyright.

I had to complain to his supervisor to have the works reinstated. She apologized and reinstated the copyright.

It is disgraceful that the Library of Congress, which exists as apart of the U.S. Congress, would resort to such tactics to defraud a minority and an immigrant, because parties in Hollywood have designs on a valuable copyrighted work that does not belong to them.

However, tellingly, W-------- (name withheld from the internet until investigations are completed), mentioned previously in this complaint, who had placed harassing phone calls to my home, threateningly stated to me over the phone months prior to this incident regarding Ms. Roseboro, that the labels in the lawsuit, "Have people at the Copyright Office who backdate things for them." Months later, Ms. Roseboro did just that on a copyright that Madonna is currently infringing in association with her partners in Hollywood.

However, unbeknownst to her, the work was lawfully protected, registered and imbedded in other copyrights I own as well, all pre-dating her willful thefts and that of her associates. 

Such conduct does not belong in Congress, as it is not the principles the United States was founded upon."  

Story found here

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5-19-07 Press Release: Madonna Steals Song "Hey You" For Live Earth

Madonna Steals Song "Hey You" For Live Earth

Miami, Florida, May 19, 2007 - on May 3, 2007, Aisha released a free song titled “Thieves” via her web site www.aishamusic.com, about Madonna and the copyright infringement legal case Aisha v. Madonna, which was filed with the Supreme Court in April 2007 (case no. 06-1389). Press releases were issued that were carried on several press sites two weeks ago.

Two weeks later, on May 16, 2007, Madonna has mimicking released a free song titled “Hey You,” where she further unlawfully stole items from Aisha’s private, unreleased, Copyrighted Catalog, valued at billions due to its sheer voluminous content, which contains 9,000 songs, 300 movie scripts and short stories, 15 book manuscripts, 200 music video treatments, 500 photographs, 150 photo treatments, a perfume line and clothing line.

Additional litigation will be brought over the song “Hey You” by Madonna, which was illegally released through MSN.

Aisha stated, “I know my words when I see them and these items were copyrighted long ago before she infringed them this week. Once again, she has stolen copyrighted material that does not belong to her. She is unequivocally the most unoriginal artist in the history of music. How can one claim to be doing charity work, for which one has stolen that which is being contributed. Only a fraud would do that. Not to mention, the song sounds bad due to her singing. The hot air that is her thin, squeaky, wobbly voice will not help climate change.”

A formal complaint was filed with George W. Bush appointees Alberto Gonzales at the DOJ and FBI Director Robert Mueller in September of 2005, as copyright infringement is a crime the FBI investigates.

However, Mueller has shirked his duties once again, as he was publicly noted to have done in the Mark Foley congressional page scandal, where another famous figure was involved. The Inspector General excoriated the FBI for this conduct, under Robert Mueller.

Aisha stated, “Mueller’s criminal negligence in this case in allowing Madonna to continue to illegally use years old copyrights on a regular basis, speaks terribly of him and his abilities as chief law enforcement officer of the country. It stands to reason, if he can’t stop Madonna, how’s he going to stop Osama. They need to listen to Congress and the American people and step down for the sake of the country.”

Aisha was the first to break the story in her December 2006 internet based Sound Off Column about the FBI abusing the Patriot Act via improperly obtaining emails, bank statements and phone records of American and international citizens. Three months later, Aisha’s claims in her Column were confirmed when in March 2007 IOG Glenn Fine wrote of FBI abuses of the Patriot Act regarding emails, banks statements and phone records, resulting in a recent Senate inquiry.

The local Miami FBI, run by Jonathan Solomon, stated they are investigating the criminal copyright infringement and invasion of privacy case Aisha v. Madonna. However, this has not stopped Madonna and her associates from unlawfully continuing to pilfer the contents of Aisha’s preexisting, private, Copyrighted Catalog that was proven to have been procured by them via illegal means, in making an unauthorized copy of the master file, with additional items stolen from Aisha’s publicly viewed web site.

Aisha further stated, “An illegal copy of my Copyrighted Catalog was made and she continues to unlawfully use items from it, attributing them to herself and her associates in violation of U.S., British and United Nations laws. She has illegally passed around and sold items from my Copyrighted Catalog to other parties in the industry, who have been tied to her via business records and tax records, as well as stealing items for herself and her companies in violation of SEC laws, that govern each respective corporation.”


A United Nations human rights abuse complaint has been prepared and will be filed with the U.N. via an assigned international representative. Aisha’s human rights have been violated in respect to her copyrights, property ownership and privacy, which has been invaded in the same manner that other victims experienced in the Anthony Pellicano case.

Anthony Pellicano is Madonna’s lawyer’s now incarcerated private investigator. The contents of the human rights abuse report will be posted to the Internet shortly via Aisha’s web site.


Aisha: don’t give up
Madonna: don’t you give up

Aisha: Life isn’t so bad
Madonna: It’s not so bad

Aisha: A chance for you - give us a second chance
Madonna: There’s still the chance for us

Aisha: the courage to be yourself
Madonna: just be yourself

Aisha: poet and peacemaker
Madonna: poets and prophets

Aisha: Tell me why you act so shy
Madonna: Don’t be so shy

Aisha: There's a reason people have so much difficulty
Madonna: There’s reasons why it’s hard

Aisha: Make it together
Madonna: Keep it together

Aisha: we'll make it anyway
Madonna: we’ll make it alright

Aisha: But will you change, you’ve got to beat this thing
Madonna: You’ve got to change this time

Aisha: Remember this
Madonna: Remember this

Aisha: Is real, It’s more than something you feel
Madonna: None of it’s real including the way you feel

Aisha: Save your soul
Madonna: Save your soul

Aisha: little sister
Madonna: little sister

Aisha: Save your soul
Madonna: Save your soul

Aisha: little Brother
Madonna: little brother

Aisha: Save yourself the pain
Madonna: save yourself

Aisha: learn to love yourself
Madonna: first love yourself

Aisha: courage to love someone else
Madonna: then you can love someone else

Aisha: I can’t change everyone
Madonna: If you can change someone else

Aisha: save everyone else
Madonna: saved someone else

Aisha: it’s a choice you make
Madonna: You’ve got a choice

Aisha: everything makes sense
Madonna: it will make sense

Aisha: learn to love yourself
Madonna: first love yourself

Aisha stated, “Madonna is famous for taking other people’s songs, changing a line or two, then taking full writer’s credit and financial compensation for something she did not write. That’s called stealing and fraud. Thanks to her, we now have the unenviable task of monitoring all new releases, checking for people she illegally sold items from my Catalog to, in order to bring future lawsuits to get my work back.”

Madonna’s many copyright infringement, civil rights violations and breach of contract cases illustrate a pattern of misconduct that has spanned five countries:

1. Aisha v. Madonna (civil rights and copyright infringement)
2. Sorrentino v. Madonna (assault and battery on a 10 year old child)
3. Myers v. Madonna (civil rights violations)
4. Ronald J Myers v. Madonna (civil rights violations)
5. Barrier v. Madonna (civil rights violations)
6. Bourdin v. Madonna (copyright infringement)
7. Easy Street Records v. Madonna (copyright infringement)
8. Acquaviva v. Madonna (copyright infringement)
9. D’Onofrio v. Madonna (copyright infringement)
10. Iving L Williams v. Madonna (copyright infringement)
11. Eon Net LP v. Madonna (copyright /patent/trademark infringement)
12. Rich Kidd Music Publishing, Inc. v. Madonna (copyright infringement)
13. Winterland v. Madonna (copyright infringement)
14. Hobe Cie. LTD v. Madonna (trademark infringement)
15. Coppola v. Madonna (personal injury)
16. Rice v. Madonna (breach of contract)
17. Mclay v. Madonna (breach of contract)
18. Nike, Inc. v. Madonna (breach of contract)
19. Millennium Films v. Madonna (breach of contract)
20. Done and Dusted v. Madonna (breach of contract)


The following is a list of works from Aisha’s aforementioned Copyrighted Catalog that she formally alleged Madonna and her affiliates such as Warner Bros Pictures, Warner Bros Records, Warner Bros’ artists like Paris Hilton and Madonna's cousin, Gwen Stefani, among others Madonna does business with, have unlawfully used, in the ongoing infringements of her copyrights.

Defendants in the case who have already been sued in the 2005 Aisha v. Madonna lawsuit that was recently filed with the Supreme Court, continue to infringe more of Aisha’s works, such as Sony for Beyonce and Interscope for Gwen Stefani, who has stolen from Aisha’s Copyrighted Catalog two albums in a row now, reaping millions in illegal profit.

1. Princess Diaries 2 (2005)
2. Prince And Me 1 & 2 (2005)
3. Sam’s Lake (2005)
4. Gravedancers (2005)
5. Material Girls (2006)
6. Valentine’s Day (2006)
7. American Dreamz (2006)
8. Goal (2006)
9. My Sister’s Keeper (2006)
10. Blond Ambition (2007)
11. Rude Buay (2007) being used by Madonna’s husband Guy Ritchie (his fourth infringement lawsuit since he has been with her).
12. Tonight He Comes (2007)
13. “American Life” song by Madonna (2003)
14. “Orange County Girl” by Madonna’s cousin Gwen Stefani (2006)
15. “Confessions On A Dance Floor” CD by Madonna (2005)
16. A backdrop from Madonna's Re-invention world tour (2004)
17. A backdrop from Madonna's Confessions world tour (2006)
18. "Sorry" Music video by Madonna (2005)
19. “Stars Are Blind” music video by Madonna's fellow Kaballah Centre member and Warner Bros artist Paris Hilton (2006)
20. Madonna's fellow Kaballah Centre member Britney Spears’ “Streams Of Consciousness” column, ripped off my “Sound Off Column” - both bearing the same initials and written content that Spears plagiarized years after my Column was copyrighted, indexed and established online.
21. Items from my clothing line have been illegally used for Madonna's English Roses clothing line (2005)
22. Items from my clothing line are illegally being used for Madonna's H&M line (2007)
23. December 2006's "Beauty Buyble" by Judith Regan's Regan Books, who was behind Madonna's 1990's "Sex" book.
24. E’s 2007 “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams”
25. “Dandelions” by Madonna’s fellow Kabbalah Center member Nicole Richie
26. “Where Is Your Dignity” “Burned” and “Happy” by Hillary Duff, who starred in Madonna’s infringing film she stole from my Catalog, “Material Girls”
27. “Hollaback Girl” by Madonna’s cousin Gwen Stefani (2005)
28. “Worldwide Woman,” “Amor Gitmo” and “Welcome To Hollywood” by Beyonce Knowles (2007)
29. “Beautiful Liar,” “Suga Mama,” “Greenlight,” “Flaws and All” and “Still In Love” low budget music videos by Beyonce (2007)
30. “Umbrella” by Rihanna
31. “Can I Live” by Nick Cannon (2005)
32. My Super Ex-Girlfriend (2006)
33. “Never Again” by Kelly Clarkson (2007)
34. “Hey You” by Madonna (2007)
35. A verbatim theft of a specific cultural joke in “Charlie And The Chocolate Factory” (2005), stolen from Aisha’s 1998 copyrighted script “Presidential Dreams.” “Charlie And The Chocolate Factory” was produced by Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment. Brad Pitt starred in Guy Ritchie’s box office bomb “Snatch” which was also the subject of a copyright infringement lawsuit. Since he has been with Madonna, different litigants have sued Guy Ritchie 4 separate times for copyright infringement, over the projects “Snatch” “Swag” “Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels” and in the legal case Aisha v. Madonna for pilfering items from Aisha’s catalog.

4-17-07 Radio Interview, Press Releases, Forthcoming Articles

I did a radio interview with mainstream Jamaican radio station ZIP-103 this afternoon. They were really nice and said Jamaica is behind me in the case. Hopefully we can get a copy of the interview to put on the web site. I’ve been doing interviews with Jamaican outlets, because my dad knows people there. And even in American born Sophia Stewart’s copyright infringement case against Warner Bros, among others, for stealing her copyrighted script and using it for the Matrix (my case is against Warner as well), according to published international reports, Warner Bros, the biggest media company in America, managed “a complete press blackout in America,” in attempts to hide the story and what’d they’d done in disgracefully ripping off the New York born Christian writer, Stewart, to the tune of billions.

Only the international media, for years have trumpeted her valid case that a questionable judge threw out of court (see a pattern yet - the fate of all copyright cases against Warner Bros - which warrants a federal probe).

In light of that, my family sought the international press to avoid the unbalanced Warner media manipulation that is not only unconstitutional and one-sided, but is also pathetic. If you do something, at least be man enough to own up to it – and Madonna is a dude.

Another international newspaper article should appear shortly regarding the case. As I said a week ago, my family and I are doing this to create awareness with the hopes of putting a stop to all the misconduct being committed against us that has gotten sicker. As I said before, some vile human rights abuses have been committed against us that have been tied to the defendants. We will discuss it shortly.

A press release was just released as well, and it’s available in Google News and on several sites:




For Supreme Court petition click here

For press release also available on web site click here

4-8-07 Observer Article About The Case, New Infringements Found

There is an article available in the Observer newspaper today regarding the Madonna lawsuit I filed. My family and I decided to take to the press, as the misconduct against us has not desisted one iota and is growing increasingly worse. You can read it here:


Thanks to Pat and the Observer. The FBI has twice said they are investigating the case. But while the FBI are investigating, Madonna and co. are trying to use as much of my Copyrighted Catalog as possible which contains 9,000 songs, 300 movie scripts and short stories, a few hundred music video treatments, 15 book manuscripts and hundreds of photo treatments. The Catalog is worth billions and Madonna and her partners in Hollywood know this.

Just like her company Warner Bros made 2 BILLION off of stealing the script for THE MATRIX from a black Christian New Yorker, Sophia Stewart, who copyrighted it years before they stole it - with the FBI even finding her script was used to prepare the film and was present on set of THE MATRIX.

They have illegally made millions off of these verbatim rip off infringements of my copyrights that predate theirs by years, via illegally accessing my Copyrighted Catalog. Two separate computer companies confirmed the illegal computer intrusions. She has absolutely no conscience whatsoever and that Kaballah cult of hers has a long history of doing this very type of mischief, as does she.

Never mind her lawyer is at the center of an FBI probe for wiretapping, harassment and identity theft, three things I sued them for as well, before the FBI and DOJ ever went public with the case against Anthony Pellicano, the misconduct against us still continues unabated and has grown sicker  with each month that passes by. All of the details have not been made public yet.   

As for the illegal wiretapping, evidence and affidavits will be presented to support those claims.

Regarding the commissioned misconduct, every week it's something else, all of which has not been made public yet, but will be shortly.

My family and I are currently looking for international lawyers in Jamaica and London to pursue the case, due to the sheer corruption I have encountered, with misconduct that runs far deeper than any of you could imagine. We have not gone public with the whole story and all the evidence yet, but we will shortly. Like I said a few weeks ago, Hollywood is a sick place.


Just last week, I lost 4 more music videos and 3 songs from my Copyrighted Catalog to a 2005 defendant in the Madonna lawsuit, SONY, who illegally used it for Beyonce's re-release of her latest album B-Day. PLEASE BOYCOTT BEYONCE'S CD AND DVD.

When I complained in the Sound Off Column about Madonna and co’s conduct being racist/racism in exploiting blacks, shortly after they started to illegally spread and sell my copyrights to black artists who are on labels in the lawsuit I filed in 2005.

You are still exploiting blacks and immigrants on top of it to boot, who did you no harm. Criminally spreading my copyrights to blacks on white labels doesn’t change that and all the evidence points to Madonna and this case.

On January 31, 2007, I announced the release of my album and a few DVDs with several music videos and interviews to go with it.  

Two months after, Beyonce and her Destinys Child robbing father announced the very same, the re-release of her album accompanied by many music videos, which she’s never done before. Only the videos she filmed weren’t hers. They were stolen from my Copyrighted Catalog and her label SONY HAS BEEN A DEFENDANT IN THE LAWSUIT SINCE 2005.

They figured since the Florida judges in the case are so corrupt (for further reference see the Anna Nicole Smith case with Judge Korda and Seidlin), throwing out a case without reading it, that they can continue to steal as much as they like, because the court system is in their back pocket, a terrible pattern evident in their copyright cases. So much for truth and justice.

They are continuing to criminally use items from my Copyrights that they gained illegal access to via hacking, with computer specialists confirming my computers have been thoroughly hacked (CLICK HERE FOR REPORTS) and my home also sustained 5 burglaries where copyrighted computer discs were stolen, which was reported to the Miami Shores Police, who are waiting on the FBI (POLICE REPORTS POSTED SOON).  


Beyonce's "Greenlight" video – is a direct rip off of the Contemporary Girl music video copyrighted in April 2001. To see my certificate, click here. My copyrighted 2001 music video treatment contained scenes, among others, of me playing a white guitar, resting my foot on the amp, playing a guitar keyboard, singing into a silver mic and sitting on the drums, against a white backdrop – all scenes present in Beyonce now 2007 “Greenlight” video 6 YEARS LATER.  

Beyonce doesn’t play the guitar or drums, I do, that’s why I wrote it into the video. She looked stupid, awkward and uncomfortable feigning playing the guitar and sitting on the drums.   

Fans keep complaining that Beyonce’s new videos are cheap and not what she usually does. It is for a reason, I am an indie artist, I can’t afford expensive videos right now. So some of what I have written for my Copyrighted Catalog contains low budget indie videos. That's my genre: indie music. I'm not on a major label. Therefore, there are no Beyonce/P-Diddy fireworks and explosion videos present right now. 

“Still in Love” “Flaws and All” and the “Beautiful Liar” videos are direct rip-offs of videos I copyrighted 3 YEARS AGO with the Library of Congress. (COPYRIGHT CERTIFICATES POSTED SHORTLY). 

2007's "Amor Gitmo" by Beonyce is a rip off of my 3 year old copyrighted song from 2004 titled “Amor Perdido” that was on the site for years as some of you will recall (LIBRARY OF CONGRESS COPYRIGHT CERTIFICATE #PAu2-938-924, December 23, 2004 - CERTIFICATE POSTED SHORTLY).  

Worldwide Woman is a rip off of my 2001 song Contemporary Girl (CLICK HERE FOR COPYRIGHT CERTIFICATE).   

Welcome to Hollywood is also a rip off of an unreleased old Copyrighted song from my Copyrighted Catalog. It predates their copyrights as well by years (COPYRIGHT CERTIFICATE POSTED SHORTLY).  

Beyonce’s boyfriend Jay-Z’s is also featured on the infringing "B-Day" re-release. One of my songs, Umbrella COPYRIGHTED YEARS AGO has been altered from being an inspirational song about God to being an inspirational song about a man and mysteriously surfaced on his now 2007 track, years later, with Rihanna, also titled Umbrella, with further rip offs from two other songs in my Copyrighted Catalog. My songs were all registered years before they have now been illegally accessed and used, which is a federal and international crime. Jay-Z has co-writer's credit for something that has been criminally stolen. PLEASE BOYCOTT RIHANNA'S SONG AND ALBUM.

Both Jay-Z and Beyonce have also been sued numerous times separately for stealing people’s songs and willfully robbing people in not paying them for work and services rendered. They have a long history of this misconduct as well, as evidenced by PACER's U.S. court system records.

3-17-07 New Infringement Found, Madonna's Father On The Site, Hidden Camera Found In Home, DNS Hack

Regarding the Madonna lawsuit, I found an additional infringement stolen from my Copyrighted Catalog and illegally used to the tee, to make the movie "My Super Ex-Girlfriend." Please boycott this DVD. The copyright certificates and side by side comparisons of all the thefts in the case will be posted to the site shortly.

MADONNA'S FATHER ON THE SITE - My web site statistics logged 116 visits from where Madonna's father works at General Motors, which my dad called "suspicious," under the circumstances. I agree.

BUGGING - With the help of a counter surveillance company in Texas, a hidden camera bug of the worst possible kind was found in my home, which is pretty sick. It's placement bears serious criminal implications of the most severe kind

It was something some of the defendants in the case said and did, that gave the game away and prompted the search for it. Hollywood truly is a sick place, full of human scum. My father in Jamaica is very angry at what has happened, as am I. He was so disgusted and upset when he found out about the latest invasion of privacy, that it sent his pressure up, two days in a row, sending him to the doctor, two mornings in a row.

This is how much what they are doing has affected our family, which is why I sound off about them the way I do in my Column. It's done nothing for my mother's blood pressure either. Neither did the 5 break-ins in a short space of time to steal CD-ROMs with offline and off computer newer copyrights on them and to put only God knows the full extent of what else, in our home, illegally.

How can any of this be right. The misconduct keeps escalating, even though the government via Robert Mueller of the FBI, who claims they are  investigating the case, and Alberto Gonzales of the DOJ, who were both formally notified of what these people have been doing to us in violation of federal, international and UN laws, with their office signing for the formal complaint click here.

However, God doesn't like ugly, as they are both under fire right now for abuses of the Patriot Act, the very abuses that I warned about regarding them in the Sound Off Column for months, starting last year. Many people are now calling for their resignation.

My family and I are working on something to publicly address what's been happening, as it has reached appalling levels worthy of U.N. condemnation for serious human rights abuses.

Items from my already copyrighted, forthcoming CDs and works listed on this site, have been mysteriously appearing on certain blogs, but attributed to Kaballah cult members like Madonna, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. I wrote a song about them last year, which is copyrighted and unreleased, to be released soon, yet saw items from it on three major blogs, which is illegal. It has been duly noted and is now apart of the investigation. Considering what I have experienced in this case and witnessed firsthand, so has the international community who is watching this case, it is a damning testament that they are not doing their jobs.

HACKING - They have also gotten a lot worse with the hacking, adding wireless hacking to facilitate up to the minute thievery. Part of what was hurting them in this case is that my Copyrights are so old that it predates their later illegally obtained and reregistered, deliberate rip offs BY YEARS, which gave away what they had and have been doing. The are sickly determined to get the newer copyrights I author, right as I type them on the screen, which is absolutely criminal.

DNS ATTACK ON SERVER - I upgraded security on my computer a week ago, to try to block out the commissioned hacker from the legal case from tampering with the site. It worked for a little bit, but then hours later after I published the updates last week, without hacker interference for a change, a telling thing happened.

My web site host Go Daddy suffered a terrible Denial of Service attack, that knocked my site offline from the internet and slowed down and clogged up their email accounts for hours. Go Daddy confirmed by email that this happened on Sunday. A Denial of Service attack is a hacker deliberately and fraudulently sending too many requests at once to a server, to try to take a web site offline illegally. This conduct is a federal crime.

The Go Daddy site was still online, but one of their servers with my site on it, clearly the one targeted, was knocked offline. Those of you who tried to access the site last Sunday couldn't for several hours because of the Denial of Service attack. The last time this happened was when I asked the public to boycott Madonna's rip off Confessions on a Dance Floor CD, which later, according to Reuters, flopped in America.

My ISP confirmed the hacker is hacking my computer from "another network provider." One thing's for certain, all this criminal mischief is coming from the same place and bears the same pattern of textbook cult like misconduct. 

3-1-07 PLEASE BOYCOTT Hillary Duff CD "Dignity"

There are a few more infringements I spotted recently. Three songs that I have read the lyrics to, of 5, from Hillary Duff's forthcoming CD, bear serious infringements. The songs are titled "Where's Your Dignity," "Happy" and "Burned" and are direct rip offs of songs from my Copyright Catalog.

She is such a fraud, claiming she wrote them. The nerve of that phony little witch. She's no better than the rest of the crooks in Hollywood, though she pretends to be so innocent.

Duff was in the film Madonna and her company Maverick stole from my Copyrighted Catalog, and changed the name from Contemporary Girl to Material Girl to Material Girls. I wrote about it a few months ago on the lawsuit page.  

Not to mention, Duff's new song "With Love" rips off Sade's "Nothing Can Come Between Us." So I guess she is now one of the industry's latest thieves.

2-6-07 PLEASE BOYCOTT New E! show "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams"

A new E! produced show titled "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" is a rip off of a documentary I copyrighted almost a year ago titled "City Of Broken Dreams." The content and names of the projects are extremely similar, containing duplicates, even focusing on the same stars. The new E! knock off premiered last week and is about the same thing as my documentary I copyrighted way before their show was even thought up and put into production.

Once again, Madonna is still criminally using my copyrighted catalog in willful, flagrant violation of international law. My project is copyrighted and unreleased, but they gained a copy of it through illegal hacking and used it in criminal violation of the law (see hacking reports confirming how these copyrights are being illegally access then used, as confirmed by computer specialists click here.

I also bought the name for mine back in the first week of July 2006. I filmed for it and worked on it during my trip to L.A. last June that I wrote about here. Here is the name registration for my documentary film "City Of Broken Dreams" they ripped off, from 7 months ago, registered in my company's name, Sonustar:

1-5-06 Another Rip Off Via A Madonna Business Tie Judith Regan And Regan Books


Please boycott the recently released book "Beauty Buyble" published by Madonna business associate Judith Regan (she was behind Madonna's "Sex" Book), which is a sacrilegiously titled rip off of one of my forthcoming books, "Beauty" that's been copyrighted for over 2 years. "Beauty" is a godly book I did on beauty that Judith's "Beauty Buyble"  has ripped off to the tee, even disrespecting my religion, Christianity, with that irreverent title, which they probably thought was cute and funny. Guess God got the last laugh, cause Judith Regan just got fired, is being international ripped to shreds with her reputation gone over the O.J. Simpson book and TV special "If I Did It" that blew up in her face. You proved the Bible right Judith. It says "God is not mocked" and "the works of a man's hands come back to him. You're living proof of that.

Ms. Regan is clearly a woman with no morals or ethics. I shouldn't be surprised that she feloniously bought a criminal rip off of my forthcoming copyrighted book "Beauty" from the copyrights Madonna stole and has been fencing around the industry, and put it out via Regan Books and News Corp.

If Ms. Regan read her Buyble Bible, she would know God doesn't bless unethical conduct. What comes around goes around...

Like profiting off a book that was criminal stolen from a Copyrighted Catalog of works, and sold to you, with your full knowledge that you were unlawfully buying an illegally procured version of unreleased pre-existing copyrighted material.

And even worse, profiting off of a book and TV special that disrespects viciously murdered victims, spitting on their caskets. That money is not gonna do you and your family a drop of good, because it's blood money. It didn't do Judas any good and it certainly won't do you any good either.

12-30-06 - Met Police Report I Filed On 10/17/05

For A scanned copy of the complaint I filed with the Met Police UK on October 17, 2005, alleging that Madonna and the Sun Newspaper owned by News Group Newspapers, illegally wiretapped my phones, hacked my computers, and printed the illegally obtained contents therein via theft and harassment, constituting copyright infringement, click here.

Several months after I filed the complaint, the Met Police arrested one of News Group Newspaper editors on charges he "wiretapped" and "hacked" the royal family - the very same allegations I accused them of and sued them for months before the story broke in regards to me. I feel somewhat vindicated that the editor has since admitted he did indeed "wiretap" and "hack" the royal family, showing a clear pattern of misconduct present at News Group Newspapers against innocent, unsuspecting people.

12-04-06 - Defendant Gwen Stefani Steals More Music From This Web Site      


Before, where they ripped off beats and melodies from my song Contemporary Girl, Gwen has now greedily gone all the way and stole lyrics, more melodies and music from my song that was copyrighted in 2001 for "Orange County Girl."  

I will post the lyric comparisons between my song and her rip off shortly along with my copyright certificate.

My godmother’s husband, Clement Dodd, invented Jamaican reggae and ska music, which No Doubt exploited and became rich off, despite their very basic skills.  

Now it has extended to No Doubt via Gwen Stefani exploiting Jamaicans, in criminally ripping off copyrights from years of my labor to extend her run of fame. That song was copyrighted in 2001, you criminal. Copyright infringement is a crime. 

my copyright certificate for "Contemporary Girl" from 2001

Below is Gwen Stefani's illiterate, profanity laced, vulgar rip off of a Christian song I wrote years ago, "Contemporary Girl," and dedicated to God. Yea, look for more misfortune to hit your life than Herod for ripping of something dedicated to God. Only trash does stuff like that and clearly a devilish one as well with no morals. You disgust me - you an your contemptible family of minority exploiting thieves. You nasty little fraud.

Once again, it is produced by that thief defendant Pharrell Williams, who is known in the industry for ripping off indie musicians then reselling their music for $200,000, which is a crime. He and Stefani have criminally ripped me off twice now.

I've not heard her whole garbage album yet, but I did hear "Orange County Girl" and instantly spotted the rip offs, which are as follows. If you listen to the songs, they are both sung the same, both have the same lyrics, melodies, song structure and music under it - only I wrote and copyrighted mine years ago in 2001.

The titles even sound the same when you drop the Orange "Contemporary Girl" (2001) and "Orange County Girl" (2006). Here are the lyrical comparisons that show they blatant, lazy copying by that lazy, money grubbing, un-creative, non-singing skank (I've put the ripped off lyrics in boldface to help you see it easier):

Contemporary Girl (2001) by Aisha

Orange County Girl (2006) by Gwen Stefani

La La La

La La La La 

Contemporary girl
Living in this world

I'm just an Orange
County girl
Living in an extraordinary world

Being an old fashioned girl
Isn't so bad

I guess being I'm an orange county girl
it's not so bad

And how long you've been trippin'

I'm trippin' on the best trip I've ever had

I know that's not how you want to be

Tryin' to figure out what I wanna be

Tryin' to wear the pants

Tryin' to figure out what I wanna be

...extraordinary mask

...extraordinary world

So ladies, sing it with me

Sing it And then the girls sing

With the life that you're selling

Hangin' at the hotel, selling...

Like in love
What are we thinking

You know I come from O.C. it's almost unheard of
So I'm gonna thank you all so much for this

Why ya wanna trip

I'm trippin' on the best trip I've ever had


In Contemporary Girl I write about the movie "Home Alone":

If you wanna be a feminist
Do it on your own
And you'll be like that movie
Home Alone

In Orange Country Girl she writes about the movie "The Sound Of Music":

These are a few of my favorite things
Still rolling 'cause the sound of music


In Contemporary Girl I make reference to the weather in the form of Earthquakes in California on the San Andreas fault, ironically where she is from:


"He shakes in the dust like you're San Andreas
Then you bring out his

In her rip off Orange County Girl she makes reference to the weather in the form of hurricanes and in "Miami" which has been my hometown for the past 22 years:


"Set it on repeat, make a hurricane in Miami"

Stefani says in her previous rip off that she “ain’t no Hollaback girl.” You "ain’t no" girl either. You look like a man. Well, according to some, you look like a horse:


Regarding the defendants in the case, you are not good people. Good people don’ t do things like this and so consistently. These aren’t errors or mistakes. These are premeditated, willful violations of domestic and international law. 

There’s absolutely no excuse under the sun for this corrupt, mafia-like conduct. You are a disgrace to your families and everyone associated with you.   

You are money grubbing, common, vulgar, low class whores that will do anything to stay in the spotlight, even if it means criminally stealing from and exploiting others - adding invasion of privacy to boot.   

Only trash would do things like that. You are as common and vulgar as they come. 

People of class, who come from any kind of decent family don’t do things like this. It says a lot about the families you come from that you engage in this kind of criminal conduct and on a constant basis.

You should learn from history. People who do such things live under God’s disfavor and so do their families. It’s dirty money that never will be made clean.  

What kind of family did you come from that they taught you that it is okay to rip off hard working minorities to further your career? Were you raised in the gutter? Were you raised by pigs? Are you that money hungry and pathetic?  

Gwen Stefani says she is related to Madonna and how they hang out all the time, and they are both money hungry thieves whose desire to be rich and famous knows no bounds, so much so that they’ve continued to break the law.  

What a screwed up, immoral, depraved gene pool they come from to be doing things like this. The invasion of privacy is also very vile, much like they are. 

I’ve found 5 separate civil rights violations cases in court records against Madonna. Why is that? Different people from around the country complaining she invaded their privacy.  

It is clear that pervert has been going around doing some really foul, criminal stuff and using PIs to break the law.  

Madonna also got sued for civil rights violations along with well-known private eye Gavin DeBecker. And of course, more corruption occurred in that case, as with 90% of her dozens of cases. Her misconduct also caused Regis and Kelly to be sued in another case. 

I’ve found many copyright infringement cases in court records against her as well. Why is that. Why can’t that lunatic behave.

I’ve found trademark and patent infringement cases against her for stealing other people’s products. Once again, why is that. Why can’t that lunatic behave. 

She has so many lawsuits against her for terrible, unlawful behavior, more than any other artist, and that rubbish is being made to continue via a criminally negligent Robert Mueller at the FBI. And in his criminal negligence in looking the other way, it has empowered that idiot to go into other countries like England, Africa and Jamaica and break the law.

In my lawsuit last year, I complained of plagiarism in Madonna's children's books from my already copyrighted works, and other invasion of privacy items.

She has gotten worse with this latest book, fully proving my allegations, in "Too Good To Be True," as there is more plagiarism from my unreleased copyrighted catalog of books, songs and scripts in said children's book, and once again, more oddness in that one of the characters in the book has my father's name and another of the characters in the book bears one of my mother's best friends' name. Sick! That is very disturbing. More on that in the next Column.

But wait, give that idiot 5 minutes, and look for her to say some rubbish lie in some interview about how she came up with the stolen story line and characters' names in the book, that mysteriously bear my dad's name and that of one of my mom's best friends, who has been like an aunt to me for the past 20 years.

In 2003 I received a death threat that was sent to this web site threatening to come to Miami and harm me (which they later did in 2005, as listed in my lawsuit). According to Radar Magazine, in 2006, the Kabbalah center phoned in a death threat to a reporter's private cell phone as well for being too outspoken about their misdeeds. Using the IP address from the email death threat sent to this site, I traced it back to the same area as the Kabbalah cult in London. The hacks are tracing back to that same general area in London as well. All while the head of the FBI, Robert Mueller, sits on his butt and let these crimes continue.


11-09-06 - Scanned Post Office Delivery Confirmation For Robert Mueller (FBI)

UPDATE: The page has been updated with the Post Office delivery confirmation receipt for the original lawsuit and complaint sent to Robert Mueller at the FBI in Washington, signed for by the FBI, a year ago, which he failed to address, allowing further crimes to be committed in the case, like he has done with other serious complaints sent to him (see Foley page scandal and the C.R.E.W. evidence he sat on for 4 months until publicly slammed for it, further reference).

So, Mueller's known about the case for a year. One was sent to the DOJ as well.

The criminal misconduct Madonna has engaged in the case I filed, as she has done to numerous others who have sued her as court records reflect, to this day hasn't been stopped by the FBI or DOJ. How is that crime prevention and law enforcement, which is their job description?

CLICK HERE To view the Post Office confirmation receipt that certifies that Mueller got the lawsuit and formal complaint letter I sent, which was signed for by the FBI in Washington, yet one year later, has not responded or stopped the crazy witch (another FBI office responded, Minneapolis, due to a portion of the complaint I lodged with the local FBI in Miami after Mueller didn't respond, reaching them).

Next up, the Supreme Court filing and the corrupt judge's dismissal of the case ruling, Marcia Cooke, (you know, the one where the sign in sheet shows she dismissed it the same day she got it, clearly without reading it, as the case is 60 pages with hundreds of pages of evidence and megabytes of CD ROM data, which she could not have read and tended to her other court cases.

I will post a scanned copy of her ruling, complete with a legal breakdown and links to other cases showing what she slapped together and didn't even mail one of the pages of, (I had to go to the court house and print off a copy - how efficient of her), is legal garbage with no foundation in the Constitution, U.S. law or United Nations law. 

11-04-06 Scanned Reports Regarding Hackings, NY Daily News Trojans Report, FBI Letter

Sorry I took a few days to post the following files. My main computer was hacked again with said hacker corrupting the brand new scanner software, which coincidentally happened right after I announced in the October 2006 Sound Off Column that I would post the evidence scans of the computer specialists' reports.

Therefore, I had to uninstall and reinstall the new software and scan the documents off line to prevent further computer corruption of files/software. It's pathetic the lengths they go to on a monthly basis when each Sound Off Column is posted, to stop information regarding this case from coming out online to the public. I've redacted my personal information from the scans:

1. Computer Specialists Reports On Hackings - CLICK HERE - I called two different companies out to my home studio to run diagnostic tests on my computers and both concluded they are being hacked. These scans are a copy of the reports they gave me.

There are further diagnostic tests that found other evidence as well, pointing to computer crimes. Further computer forensic tests will be done shortly using extracted files of the copied hard drives. These additional reports will be posted in the near future.

2. New York Daily News Trojans Found On My Computer - CLICK HERE - A program installed by the second computer specialist, identified two sources of illegally entry to my computers as two New York Daily News files that was allowing the hacker easy criminal access. As written on this page previously, I sent another complaint to the FBI in April 2006, when a 5th break-in to my home occurred with copyrighted CD-ROMs stolen, then items from the CD ROMs surfacing a week and a half later, after I filed the police report, attributed to Madonna in the New York Daily News, the same newspaper she and her publicist placed a defaming article about me in October of 2005, the subject of a forthcoming lawsuit against said newspaper, Lloyd Grove, Madonna and Liz Rosenberg. For more background on that, read the Madonna Lawsuit section of the September 2006 Sound Off Column.

3. FBI Letter About Identity Theft That Happened Via Computer - CLICK HERE - The letter states my personal information and credit card information was compromised via computer. Seeing as though I have never fallen for a "phishing" scam and never did online banking, the only way said hacker could have gotten my personal information and credit card info is hacking my computers, and as the above computer specialists reports show, my computers are being severely hacked, in a problem that has not desisted. This method, hacking, is also how my unreleased copyrighted catalog of over 8,000 songs, dozens of movie scripts, music video treatments and photo treatments and a dozen book manuscripts, were illegally copied and criminally used by Madonna and her various Hollywood partners.

Some items Mafioso Madonna criminally used verbatim for herself (songs, music video treatments, book manuscripts) and her criminal entity of a company Maverick Films and Maverick Records, while others she fenced to her known affiliates and partners, via deeds that can all be traced back to her via corporate filings, IRS records and numerous business files.

She fenced the more complicated scripts in my catalog, that were big budget ("Princess Diaries 2," "American Dreams," "Tonight He Comes," "Valentine's Day," "The Prince And Me" and "Goal") which little wack Maverick Films couldn't produce, to her associates at studios who she has done business with in the past, such as people at Universal, Columbia Pictures and Disney.

She used the smaller films Maverick could finance, like my film "Contemporary Girl," which they made into "Material Girl," then changed to "Material Girls" and now, the rip off Mrs. Guy Ritchie Jamaican/Miami film "Rude Buay" (her husband's act of criminal theft, fraud and racketeering in collusion with his wife Madonna) - all works stolen from my copyrighted catalog, in vile acts of greed, avarice, criminal invasion of privacy and racketeering.

11-01-06 Another Hack

Update on the Madonna Lawsuit: her commissioned hacker is still hacking my computer and web site and has been resorting to corrupting the Firefox browser to get access to my computer. He keeps hacking, corrupting and destroying the Firefox application when I go online, deleting all the stored information, favorite sites list, passwords and stored data. Each time he does this, Firefox and sometimes, Internet Explorer gets corrupted as well, which allows him criminal access into my computer to further break domestic and international law and illegally copy its contents. Firefox Or IE, depending on which browser I'm using at the time of the hack, will freeze up and I involuntarily lose control of the mouse.

In 2003 I received a death threat that was sent to this web site threatening to come to Miami and harm me (which they later did in 2005, as listed in my lawsuit). According to Radar Magazine, in 2006, the Kabbalah center phoned in a death threat to a reporter's private cell phone as well for being too outspoken about their misdeeds. Using the IP address from the email death threat sent to this site, I traced it back to the same area as the Kabbalah cult in London. The hacks are tracing back to that same general area in London as well. All while the head of the FBI, Robert Mueller, sits on his butt and let these crimes continue.

10-31-06 - Computer Specialists Certify My Computers Are Being Hacked

As mentioned last month, two security companies certified that my computers are being hacked. The following reports are about 2 computers. An HP from 2001 and a built computer from 2005, both have been used to create and store unreleased Copyrights that Madonna got her dirty, money grubbing hands on and started using.

Any specialist that looks at the computers or the extracted data comes to the same conclusion, your computers are being hacked.

This is what the first computer specialist wrote: (the "Computer Service America" company)

Critical state. 2 computers. Description below.

1. HP Pavilion 6830 - Has Trojan Horse. MSconfigx32, Windows files corrupted. Unable to burn CDs. Crashes. Firewall and antivirus bypassed.

2. Custom Built 2005 - Windows corrupted. Security compromised. Protection bypassed.

This is what the second one wrote: (The RESCUECOM.COM company)

1. HP 6830 64 MB RM. Virus activity noted. Cleaned out registry. Removed AVG antivirus. Adware found. Unable to install anti-virus due to lack of space.

2. Generic PC (2005 built) - Firewall intrusion detected allow netbios connectivity. Hacker activity detected. Level of hacking: 8 (1-10). Security logs were cleared to remove any traces of suspicious activity. UPREG.EXE found. installed McAfee antivirus. Installed Webroot Spysweeper.

The second specialist kept insisting there was some way this determined hacker keeps getting in my computer every time I'm online, so he installed Spysweeper to figure out how. Said program located two Trojans, both from New York Daily News authored content that was on my computer, giving the hacker continued access.

As I mentioned in last month's Column, this is the same newspaper I reported to the FBI back in April of this year, "as having printed a criminally obtained advance copy of my forthcoming book "50 Reasons Why Hollywood Stinks" changing it up a bit, printing it in the paper as a long article and attributing it to Madonna.

They obtained an advance copy of the book was procured via breaking an entry and stealing a copy of it that was on CD ROM, straight off my desk. Then a week and a half after I called the Police and reported the burglary, filing a report when I'd noticed the discs were gone, the contents of one of the discs containing the unpublished book, mysteriously surfaced in that New York newspaper, attributed to none other than sick in the head Madonna."

What started with Madonna stealing released work from this web site in plain view of so many of you, some of whom wrote me and asked me if I didn't notice she was ripping my work off, grew to her hiring a hacker to hack my computers, when I started mentioning on the web site that I've been working on all these unreleased projects.

They hacked the computer numerous times and copied my already copyrighted catalog of over 8,000 songs, several dozen movie scripts, a dozen book manuscripts, music video treatments and picture treatments, and she criminally began using them for her own projects and fencing off some items she didn't have the ability to fully use, (some of the) scripts, to her associates who all have clear financial ties to her. All my copyrights predate the rip offs that are mostly verbatim thefts, while others have slight changes in vain attempts to hide the thefts - as she has done to over 30 other artists throughout her shameful, fraudulent career (for article about her many thefts click here).

There is precedent for Madonna committing gross acts of invasion of privacy prior to this, as she has been sued for it three times before. In one case, a couple in Miami whose privacy she foully invaded, that sick old pervert, accused her of bribing the district attorney to not bring charges to the case. In light of what I have seen in terms of corrupt out of that Federal Court in Miami, what he said is noteworthy and is included in the film and book about all this, that will be realized internationally next year.

When I stopped putting new works on the computers that went on line, that's when the constant break-ins started late last year, where they stole copyrighted CD ROMs from my home studio with items on the discs later surfacing in the New York Daily News, among other places, all attributed to Madonna.

Defamer Lloyd Grove

Coincidentally, two weeks after last month's Column where I made that announcement, Lloyd Grove who defamed me in the article arranged by Madonna and co. was let go from the New York Daily News. I'm still going to sue them and him though, as you don't invade my privacy and defame me without some sort of public, legal ramifications, domestic and or international. Not gonna fly with me, dear.

I'm legally going after Roger Friedman as well, who also got in on the act, as sponsored by Madonna and co. I'm just waiting for the investigations I'm sponsoring to be complete. You know, the legal kind of investigation where you don't hack people's computers, hack their web sites, hack their email accounts, commit identity theft, wiretap their phones, steal their mail and pay people to harass, assault and stalk them in public, under the guise of being a PI, like Madonna's lawyer's man Anthony Pellicano did or like what transpired in the shameful HP case.

HP Scandal

HP CEO Patricia Dunn [Photo Credit: New York Times, Matt Richtel and Damon Darlin]

My dad saw that case on the news and said it reminded him of what happened to me (I went through and reported to the FBI several of the things mentioned in that case before it happened). When I saw it on the news I thought the same thing. You know what's ironic, the PI behind that scandal is also name Anthony (not Pellicano, another Anthony).

Clearly the PI's to the rich and famous are actively breaking scores of domestic and international laws in illegal surveillance campaigns commissioned by their clients with money to break the law. And make no mistake, these clients are fully aware of the crimes being committed to get them this information, but they don't care, because with Robert Mueller running the FBI, the likelihood of them going to jail for these serious human rights and financial crimes is next to none.

Don't Hold Your Breath

As I mentioned in a previous column, the British police investigator I spoke to about the case told me "Don't hold your breath" regarding the FBI doing its job. I should have finished the whole statement in writing all he said, but I didn't want to post too much of it. He said unless there is a large amount of financial loss, they (The FBI) don't pursue the cases, therefore I shouldn't hold my breath.

Sorry to say, he was right, as a month later, the second FBI agent that interviewed me, the lady named Mary basically told me the same thing when I asked what the procedure is in these cases. She said "we investigate it and turn it over to" the state attorney. She said the criteria for them (the state attorney's office, which is like the DOJ) taking the case and prosecuting it, is there being great financial loss.

People take note, just because crimes are committed against you, doesn't mean justice will be pursued.

Web Site Email Address Spoofed

Said commission hacker, made up (spoofed), an email address for this site and during the first week of October of this month, sent out hundreds of spam emails in the web site's name, saying who knows what. My hosting company and Spam Arrest confirmed someone created the fake email account and was sending spam with it from elsewhere, setting it up to look like it was from me, when it was not.


Before it was someone registering at MySpace under my full name and hosting a web site pretending to be me, writing who knows what on there. MySpace had to delete the fake account and give me my name back.


Before that it was a commissioned hacker, hacking the web site and removing the links to the Madonna article I wrote that listed all the works she's stolen from so many artists.

FBI Letter

As I wrote before, the FBI sent me a letter in July about my personal identifying information/data being compromised via computer in a crime and that they are investigating it, but amazingly they've said nothing about the stolen copyrights that mafioso witch criminally procured a copy of and is using.

Madonna & Guy Ritchie Steal Another Of My Films And Will Be Headed To My Homeland Jamaica To Shoot It

There's an unfinished song I copyrighted years ago as apart of my catalog of thousands of songs I have written, titled "Rude Boy." I also copyrighted a script that is apart of a trilogy about a federal agent, the Miami drug trade and the Jamaican drug trade. It was inspired by me being Jamaican and raised in Miami and reading about and hearing about what was and is happening.

My father has even sat in on cases and is a respected Justice of the Peace in Jamaica, which is a British magistrate. My father is even mentioned in a book by a well known drug dealer, who is currently incarcerated in New York, with him citing my dad when he worked for charity and was a mentor, as the only person who tried to keep him on the straight and narrow.

I authored a completely original script, creating fictional characters and story lines, in attempt to keep people on the straight and narrow as well.

This script was first copyrighted in 2001, with updates in 2002 and 2003. I even bought the internet name I came up with for the film a few years ago.

Now in 2006, Madonna and her husband Guy Ritchie have ripped off the script I have owned for years, that they criminally procured via the commissioned hacking of my computers (as mentioned above) and changed the name to the song/title I wrote years ago "Rude Boy," which is a Jamaican term for a bad boy or a gangster.

Ask any Jamaican and they will tell you "Rude Boy" is a Jamaican phrase associated with the country's slang. Only Madonna and her husband are illiterately spelling it "Rude Buay" instead of "Rue Boy" crassly imitating how it is pronounced in Jamaican patois. Guy Ritchie is slated to direct - yes, which means it will be a stinker, cinematic garbage and flop.

From Internet Movie Database:



















However, that dirty judge in Miami, Marcia Cooke, you know, the one cutting down terror suspect Jose Padilla's charges like she has Nelson Mandela in custody and not a man with Al Qaeda links, who even opened fire in traffic at a busy South Florida stop light (which is not normal for here), has empowered Madonna and co. via her corrupt decision in throwing out my copyright infringement case without even reading it, as the sign in sheets embarrassingly show, to do this foolishness in Jamaica, which will no doubt turn out badly. 

You know what the worst thing about this latest theft is, innocent Jamaican people could end up getting hurt or killed in crossfire because of these idiots, Madonna and co, arrogantly deciding they are going to a.) steal a script from a Jamaican and b.) go out to Jamaica to make a film about the Jamaican drug trade/gangs, who will not bat an eyelash in opening fire over that mess - an outsider, making a film about them, a film that they stole from a Jamaican.

Jamaican gangs aren't exactly known for being polite. Last year, the Jamaican government even ended up asking Britain for assistance in getting the crime problem with said drug gangs under control, because natives did not want to testify against them, and understandably so, for fear of being killed for saying anything about them.

But here comes this stupid, instigating, thieving witch and her dumb panty waist husband with the I'm-going-to-steal-a-script and go out to the island from which the person hails that I stole it from and shoot a film about the dangerous drug gangs and drug trade out there.

What's next, you gonna steal some music and writings from Shakira, then go to Columbia and shoot a film about the cartels.

Madonna is the textbook definition of a vagrant troublemaker. Plain and simple. Absolutely no morals, no decency, no character and no class. Money grubbing, corrupt and dirty. I would love to know what went on in her household growing up that turned out such a horrible human being.

Clearly the scandal and shame she created in Africa with the illegal adoption wasn't enough.

Security Company Calling My Home And Hanging Up

Now, we've got a music industry security company, with a bully name calling my unlisted home number, listening, then hanging up, as a form of harassment. My numbers are unlisted, we just moved, only had it for a few months, but this music industry security company is calling here, listening then hanging up. Please tell me how that's appropriate, ethical or legal?

Based on what the caller ID listed, it's Strong Arm Security. I took a snap shot of it and paid an investigative information company for the basic phone registration info for the number, which is registered to Strong Arm Security. When I looked them up online, they specialize in armed and unarmed security, investigations and risk management, catering to the music industry and famous people, and are apart of a gun club.

Once again, please tell me, how their conduct in calling here, listening, then hanging up, upsetting my mother, is appropriate, ethical or legal?

My parents are annoyed with this craziness and it's all being sponsored by the same lunatic. They both said the same thing, every week it's something else that she's paying people to do harassing me and they are tired of it.

All this stuff that's happened, from the commissioned  hackings to steal the copyrights right down to the stalker phone calls, can be traced back to her or an affiliate of hers, via IRS records, legal records, financial records and corporate filings.

But because the head of the FBI broke his oath of office to cover for the crimes she's been committing and that dirty judge threw out the copyright infringement case (as they do with 99% of the copyright infringement cases in the country brought by citizens against big corporations), this mess is being allowed to continue, by the people overseen by Congress, supposedly to maintain law and order and bring justice. Right.

Maybe international oversight is what is needed.

A Telling Deletion On IMDB

Remember a few months ago I wrote about script Madonna fenced to her partners called "Valentines Day" which ripped off my script "Valentine's Day In New York" copyrighted years prior to the thefts Madonna's been doing, through the illegally procured copies of my catalog of works she illegally commissioned, which I asked you to boycott when it comes out at a future date.

After the Material Girls boycott was successful and that film bombed, "Valentine's Day" was mysteriously removed from Madonna's thieving associate's resume, Katherine Fugate. It was on her IMDB page as a writer (which was fraud, as she did not write it), but now it has been yanked from forthcoming theatrical release by Warner Bros, Madonna's label, and switched to a lesser release on TV. Quite telling indeed.

I'll keep you abreast of what's happening with that one.

The White Van

In 2004 I bought a used white van to haul music and video equipment. In 2005, I wrote the van into one of my copyrighted scripts. The script notes stated that the van was to be done over (like on Pimp My Ride) and used in the movie as a surveillance van to watch criminals, with agents going into the van at different times. This script is one that was also on the hacked computers, as mentioned above, regarding how Madonna and co. illegally accessed and copied my unreleased copyrights and started using them.

Months later in late 2005, Madonna puts out a story and a TV show segment about a white van she bought and had fixed up to use in her music video "Sorry" that goes around town watching people then pulling them in the van.

In my script, I never specified the van was white (but the van is white and the South Florida vehicle title lists the color as white). How did they know it was white to rip off the idea in full, if they didn't commission a surveillance campaign of me and saw it in the driveway.

You know, that and the other crazy stuff like the 5 break-ins in a short space of time to steal copyrighted CD ROMs...and my neighbors seeing a mysterious white stretch limo circling the block and returning to sit in front of my house twice for minutes at a time to the point they called my mother to inquire what was going on.

Mueller's Inexcusable Conduct

As I wrote in the June 2006 Column, Mueller was sent a formal complaint about this case, along with a copy of the lawsuit in September 2005, registered mail, with post office confirmation that they signed for it, but he never responded.

Furthermore, he did nothing to stop the crimes being committed in the case, which in tandem with that judge's corrupt decision in the case, that's now reached the Supreme Court phase, created the optimal environment for the crimes to get worse and worse, which is a violation of their oaths of office and a Congressional bill that has been proposed regarding FBI Negligence (Bulger case).

Most of you have undoubtedly read about the Mark Foley Congressional Scandal, where said politician was having cyber sex with underage Congressional male pages.

C.R.E.W. out of Washington D.C., reported this to Mueller in July, sending him the inappropriate emails as proof of misconduct, one month after I warned in this Column that this man is criminally negligent and his philosophy in running the FBI is "shoot the messenger" bringing the bad news.

Wouldn't you know, he sat on those emails C.R.E.W. presented him with as evidence against the famous politician and let kids in Congress continue to get sexually harassed by a sexual predator.

It wasn't until C.R.E.W. went public with the story this month and pointed the finger at Mueller for sitting on it, then lying to cover it up when the story broke, that an "investigation" was put in motion by Mueller. However, first he tried to say the emails were fake, also known as a cover up.

As you know, Foley has since resigned and fessed up to misconduct.

In light of this, how does that make Mueller's conduct look. Another piece of the puzzle regarding this man, who is inexplicably in charge of the FBI.

My family and I wondered how he could ignore my formal complaint with Madonna committing such serious misconduct and a whole year later, allow her to continue commissioning this thoroughly reprehensible misconduct and breaking the law. As this latest scandal shows, it's just his way.

You report a famous entertainer or famous politician, he will investigate you, the victim, before the criminals.

Crew sent him the emails and a complaint in July and he sat on it trying to protect a sexual predator that was preying on kids in Congress. That’s all I needed to know about you. Good people don’t do things like that. Animals do.

This should not have been a political issue. Shame on the Democrats who knew and were waiting to use it as political ammunition and shame on the Republicans who knew and didn't stop it.

It should not have been a partisan issue. It should have been a protect the kids issue.

Sexual predators breed more sexual predators via their young victims that often turn around and do the same things to innocent kids when they get older. Foley has said a priest molested him. Then when he got older turned to sexually harassing teenage boys.

That’s another thing, the Catholic Church needs to do a round up, with extensive interviews, and flush out every last pedophile. Turn them in. This cannot be made to continue.

But what was Fuhrer Mueller’s (that rhymes) approach to this - cover it up and let the kids take one for the team because a famous member of Congress was involved.

He’s starting to make Hoover look like Mother Teresa (hey, the latter two did both wear dresses - sometimes the most unlikely people have things in common).

How would he like it if an inmate started emailing and sending him sexually predatory emails. You know, if that Congressional bill about FBI negligence actually happens and Mueller goes to prison for all his crimes against the Constitution and betrayals of the American people via his cover-ups and lies:

Dear Robert Roberta

Toodles, I’m Lady Buck, inmate number 21345. I saw you in the prison yard today exercising and the way the sun hit your face really set off your salt and pepper hair, which totally complimented your black and white stripe prison issue jumpsuit. You were totally matching. I like a man who can coordinate.

I also saw you in the library last week and thought, boy, he must work out. Look at his bicep curl as he reads a copy of “Running The FBI For Dummies.”

I like you, tell me if you like me too. Check yes or no. Write back soon.

Did you dream about me last night?


Lady Buck

OK, that was wrong (Aisha quietly laughing) but you get my point. To those of you who read the Foley emails, and if you didn’t, I don’t recommend you do, these kids were subjected to some very inappropriate cyber sex that is illegal.

If it were him he would not like it. But it’s okay that it happens to the kids because the perpetrator is famous and it would breed a big scandal if the public found out the truth.

But let a normal taxpaying American post something online remotely dissenting and he will have a parabolic mic on you, scan your bank account, wiretap your line, read your emails, investigate your dog fluffy and hang you upside down in the town square quicker than you can say Fuhrer. Politician tries to fiddle with the kids, he lets it slide.

Right. There’s a problem there.

After Mueller leaves the FBI, what kind of legacy is it going to have. He has tarnished the agency’s name and its still happening. All these scandals and revelations about him…that keep coming out. From articles about the computer system to lying about 9/11 to trying to cover up the Foley scandal.

Someone like that should not be running the FBI. How many other crimes has he covered up that people don’t know about?

And this is who is in charge of the country’s security and law enforcement - Forest Gump. It’s pretty messed up, Mueller, when the public has trouble distinguishing you from the criminals.

Innocent people could die because of his lackadaisical attitude in pursuing justice - not just here, but in other countries as well.

He actually believes, as was reported by the BBC, that you don’t need experience in Muslim, Arab or Islam studies to fight the war on terror. He went on record saying that.

Is he insane. How are you going to fight an enemy you barely know or understand? You just gonna blow up people, civilians be damned, until you get to the right people you’re looking for. Because that’s not gonna work.

As for the Muslims we do have on our side…he reportedly retaliated against the highest-ranking one in the FBI, denying him promotion. You know, if you are gonna treat every Muslim like an enemy, they just may give you your wish - and many innocent people may not live to regret it.

You need to learn integrity, diplomacy, intelligence gathering and take some racial tolerance classes.

Supreme Court Filing

I will post the Supreme Court filing on the lawsuit page in a few days, along with other case files.

10-1-06 Madonna Steals More Copyrights, Computer Specialists Certify My Computers Are Being Hacked

BOYCOTT - 10-1-06 Madonna has once again violated another one of my unreleased copyrights she illegally obtained a copy of, with the b-side to her new single "Jump" being released this month. I am asking you to boycott this CD single. She added the rip off song "History" at the last minute to rip off a forthcoming song from my copyrights. They released a 3 minute clip of it today and it rips off another one of my copyrights.

And if this does not desist, I'm going to add a weekly feature to the web site where I post every forthcoming Warner Bros release and ask the public to boycott each one if that's what it takes to make Edgar Bronfman and Madonna stop this criminal theft, while the useless, cowardly head of the FBI, Robert Mueller, sits on his butt and doesn't do his job. No wonder you can't catch Osama, just useless.

Computer Specialists Certify My Computers Are Being Hacked

There are new developments and damning evidence in the case that I will post it next month. But for now:

The two unrelated computer security companies, one based in Florida and the other New York with offices all over the country, both specializing in computer data analysis and intrusion detection, were called out to my house by me on separate occasions and concluded the same thing, my computers are being severely hacked. This confirms what I alleged in my lawsuit against Madonna which also mentions that sick Kabbalah cult of hers, who have both been sued on different occasions by different people for disturbing cases of invasion of privacy and copyright theft.

Each computer specialist wrote on separate occasions last month, neither being told of the case or the other’s diagnosis of my computers, that my computers have unquestionably been “hacked” – one rating the hacks as “severe” and the other as “critical.”

Ironically, on the day one of the companies was called out to look at the system via a previously arranged field visit, the computer was hacked and the computer company security specialist got to witness the tail end of the hack, as Madonna’s commissioned hacker damaged the computer’s software to illegally get in the computer again for his daily hack and copy, then erased his trail – but not well enough, therefore it was detected.

The hack/incident has been extracted along with internal computer picture snapshots, with multiple copies stored for future use. I will post their reports about the computers, and other stunning evidence next month.

But the hacking continues. There was one so bad this week that Microsoft gave me the FBI's information and said I should report it to them because this is "constant invasion of privacy." Microsoft helped me correct the problem. However, with the sick level of determination this commission hacker is showing , it is only a matter of time before it happens again.

Trojan From New York Newspaper Found On My Computer

One of the computer security specialists installed a software program on my computer to search for Trojans that were giving the hacker continued, daily, full-scale access to my computer, creating errors in the software when it went online, then transmitting the contents to themselves and using it as I alleged she did in the lawsuit.

Said program found two Trojans, both from a well known New York newspaper. Ironically it is the very newspaper that I sent a formal complaint to the FBI about back in April of this year, as having printed a criminally obtained advance copy of my forthcoming book "50 Reasons Hollywood Stinks" changing it up a bit, printing it in the paper as a long article and attributing it to Madonna.

As I wrote in the Column previously, the advance copy of the book was obtained via breaking an entry and stealing a copy of it that was on CD ROM, straight off my desk. Then a week and a half after I called the Police and reported the burglary, filing a report when I'd noticed the discs were gone, the contents of one of the discs containing the unpublished book, mysteriously surfaced in that New York newspaper, attributed to none other than sick in the head Madonna. 

They are also one of the two newspaper that defamed and libeled me in October of 2005, the subject of another forthcoming lawsuit, in an attempt to discredit me and the case (because what Madonna has done and continues to do is very sick and criminal) via a planted article by Madonna and her ornery publicist Liz Rosenberg.

It's the same newspaper with the idiot gossip journalist that emailed me after hours to ask about the case, after the paper had already gone to print that evening, to be published the next day. Amazingly he managed to get a quote from Madonna's cantankerous publicist, though, which defamed me and lied about Madonna’s criminal conduct.

He wasn't interested in balanced reporting, as much as his pathetic paper with the circulation of a 100 year old likes to claim. He did not include any form of a quote from me as to my side of the story, also known as the truth, as previous and new evidence being uncovered each month is showing more and more that that sick woman did all this stuff she's being accused of and stupidly still has not stopped.

He did that deliberately to give the appearance of being fair via the email, not realizing the email he sent me inquiring about the case contained the time he sent it out, which clearly showed it was after they had gone to print. Therefore, they had no intention of getting my side of the story, being fair or balanced, they wanted to defame and discredit me by any means necessary, in a piece undoubtedly sponsored by the media obsessed Madonna, whose career only exists in weekly faxed and emailed, placed articles in publications, which is pathetic.

What they did constituted several felonies in publishing that ripped off version of my book that they illegally obtained. 

This to me is the most amazing part. How absolutely dirty the entertainment industry is and how many people have gotten involved in her sick conduct. That says something very awful about you. Anyone who would get involved in that mess or make excuses for her despicable, criminal conduct, is him or herself a rotten human being. Full stop.

My father always taught me that truth and justice is more important than being popular (or in this case bribed). Because at the end of the day, if you participate in or defend reprehensible conduct, you yourself will be deemed a person of bad character and a reprobate as well and history will record you as such.

But it is very clear, the questionable, cowardly head of the FBI, Robert Mueller, and his look the other way to serious crime approach if it is committed by the rich and famous (albeit the thieving rich and famous) to the case, is what is giving them the confidence and bold face arrogance to continue in the criminal hacking my computers to copy newer copyrights and engage in other criminal misconduct, ONE WHOLE YEAR after his office signed for the package containing the formal complaint and lawsuit about the case.

While the Miami office of the FBI accepted the case and said they are "investigating it" (at least they did something, unlike their boss) they can't risk going beyond publishing in their report what corrupt Robert Mueller tells them they can or they will get into trouble with headquarters, be demoted or  lose their jobs for telling the truth.

When they found horrific misconduct on her part, and I know they did, because if we found all this stuff that will be posted on the site soon, I know they found some foul stuff, but aren't making it public.

I will post more of the damning evidence next month, but Mueller's handling of this matter says one of two things about Robert Mueller:

a.) He is ineffective, doesn't know his head from his butt, and can't investigate jack. Because if I, as a private citizen can't find all this stuff and hire people who have further uncovered stuff, and he hasn't, what does that say about him? Really, he would have to be the bumbling equivalent of the Pink Panther mixed with Leslie Neilson's character in The Naked Gun. And this is the man in charge of national security.


b.) He is sitting on or has destroyed evidence in the case pointing to serious crimes being committed by Madonna and co, crimes that continue to this day, prolonging this ordeal for me and my family and endangering us. Once again, do take note, this is the man in charge of national security.  

While I do think he is an idiot as mentioned in "a," it's definitely "b."

8-28-06 Material Girls And Paris's CD Flops, New Article About Madonna's Many Thefts

For new article about Madonna's many thefts, an updated, condensed one, please click here

Material Girls and Paris flops. Material Girls made $4,600,000 on its opening weekend, which is a major bomb for a widescreen release (it would be a bomb for certain indie films as well, actually), debuting at #9 on the Box Office Charts.

Then sales plummeted in the second week (as if the first week wasn't bad enough). Considering the film cost $20,000,000 to make, plus millions more in release prints, marketing and advertising, and that the theatres get roughly half of the $4,600,000 the film grossed, this movie is a total creative and financial failure. They will not even...break even. 

Preliminary reports from Hits Daily Double show that Paris' debut CD (Warner - Madonna's labelmate) will sell in the high 5 digits for the first week, which for a major label release that they spent millions on, had to do a video re-shoot for, bribe, um, hire journalists for reviews, make a zillion pricey promo appearances worldwide, with that huge, costly advertising push, is a big flop. They are not gonna make their money back off that atrocity of a record.

To put Paris' numbers in perspective, Christina Aguilera's CD released the week before, sold a moderate 320,000 copies in its first week, which her producer, Scott Storch, dropped her in favor of working with Paris (how does one choose Paris Hilton, who can't sing to save her life, over Christina Aguilera who can sing very well).

Make it worse, Hits Daily Double Chart estimates show Aguilera's CD is on course to sell more/place higher in its second week than Paris' CD will in its debut week (ouch!). Looks like somebody picked the wrong project to produce, which won't help his credibility as I wrote two months ago.

Make matters worse, Paris' CD, a major label release, totally bombed in the UK, selling 2,000 copies (double ouch!).

Also, news reports indicate both Warner Bros and Warner Music aren't having a good year, particularly the former, who have hit a big sales slump, which I will write about in the next Sound Off Column.

Not to mention, this month AOL, owned by Warner Bros, trampled on the privacy of their customers in making public over 600,000 customers' personal identify data and search queries. I wrote in my lawsuit that they don't care about your privacy, as I was speaking from experience - they allowed their artist Madonna and her commissioned hacker full access to my computer when I was with AOL, which is how they nabbed a copy of my unreleased copyrights and illegally started using them, in addition to the released copyrights many people had already heard that they started using as well.

Said hacker further committed identity theft, trying to spend all the money in my account via my Visa Debit Card that was on file with AOL to pay for my monthly internet fees, the week I announced the pending release of my CD, to leave me and the CD marooned with no funds to promote it and press up copies.

And anytime I wrote something about Madonna stealing from me on the site, AOL would block me from getting online for several days at a time so I couldn't write anything else on the site about what she was doing. I have proof of all this.

In last month's Column, I wrote about my belief that Paris and the Kabbalah cult run by Madonna, being behind the hack of Lindsay Lohan. This month, what I wrote previously was confirmed in several news outlets in that Spoofcard terminated Paris' account for hacking.

In my lawsuit last year I accused Madonna and the Kabbalah Center of invasion of privacy and hacking, among other things, and what happened to Lohan fits in perfectly with their standard mode of operation. They invade the privacy of their cult members (Fiona Davis case in London illustrates that), people who have something they want (copyrights, money ect) and those who publicly speak out against them.

A Kabbalah Center memo secretly obtained by Radar magazine last year, revealed the cults' practice and belief that they must get copyrights by any means necessary. And they do, even if it means felony hacking.

...All while Robert Mueller at the FBI looks the other way to celebrities breaking the law, twiddling his thumbs and trying to figure out where the on button is on his computer. As Newsweek wrote on August 21st of this month in an article that basically sums up my June and July columns about Mueller, why hasn't he been fired yet.

In closing, thank you to all of you worldwide who participated in the boycott again. It is much appreciated and is a consolation in the face of what the Defendants have put me and my family through. God bless. 

7-31-06 The Lawsuit Appeal, Letter From The FBI and DOJ

The results of the appeal in the lawsuit to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals came back early and it was "denied" no explanation given. I'm not surprised, given the sheer level of corruption I have encountered in the court system.

As I wrote two columns ago, the next step is the Supreme Court and then international legal and social course of action. I will keep you abreast of all the developments.

The book and movie regarding all this corruption and criminal misconduct is coming along great. I'm writing it as it happens, in detail. There was also something corrupt that transpired regarding my old home and I'm including that in the book and movie as well. I think it's appropriate and warranted to tell the full story to the world of the despicable things that have transpired in this horrible human rights violation case. You'll get to see for your self, firsthand what happened (don't worry, Hollywood won't be able to block it).

Speaking of identity theft, which I covered earlier in the previous segment of the Column regarding the wiretapping scandal:

Letter From The FBI/DOJ

I received a letter from the FBI/DOJ a couple days ago. Identity theft was one of my main complaints in the lawsuit, which I submitted banking records for, as I felt it was connected with my copyrights being hacked, illegally copied and criminally used by Madonna and co.

At the time I made the allegation when I filed the lawsuit on September 31, 2005, the Pellicano Wiretap indictment had not come down yet. It was unsealed in February 2006, 5 months after my lawsuit. Therefore, I had no way of knowing this was being done to others as well as apart of a larger scale of harassment by that same Hollywood set, who also threatened, wiretapped and hacked numerous industry people via Bert Field's private investigator Anthony Pellicano.

The letter states my name was, "Referred to the FBI's Victim Assistance Program as being a possible victim of a federal crime. We appreciate your assistance and cooperation while we are investigating this crime."

It goes on to ask that information be submitted to a FBI web site via a user name and password provided in said letter and contains information of programs available to help victims. Yesterday, I went to the site and filled out the information the letter asked for.

In the mean time, I will continue to investigate it myself and hire people to do so as well. I don't like how I was treated. Mueller and Gonzales ignored that we were and are in danger when they received the Post Office delivery confirmed complaint that included the lawsuit, which empowered that sick slut to act up even more and criminally so, at our expense - 4 more break-ins case files/evidence stolen and copyrighted, private, unpublished computer discs stolen right off my desk, with its content later appearing in print in the New York Daily News attributed to Madonna. It has created a great air of distrust.

7-31-06 Please boycott Madonna's film company's rip off Material Girls movie, starring Hilary Duff. It is one of the films ripped off from my copyrighted catalog, a film script synopsis that was over five years old when they stole it. I penned and copyrighted a script titled "My Sister's Keeper" and another called "Contemporary Girl" after my song of the same name featured on this site, which Madonna and co. later ripped off and renamed the script "Material Girl" after her song of the same name then "Material Girls."

Their criminal copyright infringing film Material Girls is a rip off of my script and the theme of my song "Contemporary Girl" about modern female CEOs. It has nothing to do with Madonna's song "Material Girl" about using men for their money. My script was about two sisters fighting for control of a family owned company, of which one was the CEO. That is the plot for Material Girls the movie.

Proving once again Madonna belongs nowhere near a film set in any capacity, whether it be acting, production or otherwise, the previews of this film reeks. Pure fluff. Inane nonsense. They stole my 2001 script and tried to turn it into 2004's Mean Girls 2. 

Please boycott Paris Hilton's new atrocious CD (It stinks anyway, you're not missing anything, I've heard the clips) where she ripped off items from my already copyrighted work that she got from fellow Kabbalah cult member and the label they share, Warner Bros. As I wrote in last month's Column, both the video and bass line for Paris' cruddy debut single "Stars Are Blind" were stolen from my copyrighted catalog that Madonna and Warner Bros got their dirty hands on a copy of.

Don't reward them for being thieves that rip off hard working people who actually work to earn a living - instead of stealing everyone else's and relying on money they didn't earn like degenerates.

Please boycott both projects, which are released this August. Thank you.

6-8-06 - More thefts relating to the lawsuit. Defendants Madonna and Warner Bros criminally ripped off a video treatment I copyrighted two years ago that is apart of my copyrighted catalog and used it for fellow Kabbalah cult member Paris Hilton's new, terribly bad video "Stars Are Blind" that's being slammed all over the internet. The song further rips off the bassline from my 2004 song "Heart Versus Mind (Reggae Remix)."

As a Jamaican I can attest, "Stars Are Blind" by Paris Hilton is the worst reggae record ever. Reggae records aren't supposed to be cloaked in so much vocal processing to hide the fact that the so called singer porn star can't sing, rendering the voice output you hear on the record into the sound of a robot singing. Bob Marley must be rolling in his grave.

What does a racist, stuck up, nasty witch that goes around calling black people "dumb nig*ers" know about reggae?

It's also quite telling how people on the net keep commenting how low budget the video is after she spent all that money on the record, getting famous producers and costly vocal processing - and there is a reason for that. I am an indie artist and indie filmmaker, my work is low budget and stripped down. That's what indie usually means.

My video treatment that was good with an artistic quality to it, has been criminally stolen and turned into a tacky, tasteless,  piece of trash. Bloggers across the internet are making fun of the video saying it looks tacky and cheap (along with jabs like "you know Paris gave that tree (in the video) herpes").

The video is disgusting now, thanks to what they've done. She looks like a porn star or a dog in heat, rhythmlesssly writhing around on the beach.

They used all of my already copyrighted video treatment DOWN TO THE COSTUME DESCRIPTION in the copyright (the dress she's wearing - a dead giveaway that they ripped off the video) except the guitar scene, because as you know, Paris Hilton can't sing, let alone play a guitar. She can't even walk and chew gum at the same time.

You all know Paris, the horrible human being that arrogantly referred to two black men as "dumb nig*ers" when she thought no one was listening (however, unbeknownst to her someone was filming her utter the slur), goes around sleeping with married men, breaking up relationships, threatening innocent people that she'll put a hit on them through shady friends of hers, smoking weed, doing cocaine and of course, starring in porn films.

Look for additional litigation regarding this shortly for Paris et al. In the mean time I am asking you to boycott her CD that's being released by Warner Bros. I heard the leaked tracks from it on a blog, which is where I saw the video yesterday, (Oh No They Didn't), and the album sounds like garbage. Trust me, you won't be missing anything.

It's funny, when Warner Bros took a hit when the 4.7 million dollar pic of Angeline Jolie's baby was leaked on to the blogs Gawker and Oh No They Didn't (the latter a site that I have posted feedback from in the Sound Off Column over the last few months), they got all self-righteous, complaining how horrified they are that their copyrights are being violated and are gonna sue the blog - but it's the same thing they keep doing to me.

While I had nothing to do with the leak, at least Jolie and Pitt had already gotten the money for charity, so I could care less about Warner Bros' losses. 

Also, please continue to boycott the movie "American Dreamz" which has flopped. It is one of the films ripped off from my copyrights that are apart of the lawsuit and please continue to boycott Madonna's flopped rip off CD "Confessions On A Dance Floor." Those boycotts went well and I thank you for that. It is some consolation in the face of the unlawful things that have happened and amazingly continue to happen.

Appeals Brief - Additionally, the lawsuit appeals brief is online, please click here.

I will post the record excerpts that go with the appeals brief later this month, containing the lawsuit (which you've already read on line here) in addition to scanning and uploading Judge Marcia Cooke's ridiculous rulings that are a must read. In it she explains her fact-less, Constitution-less, lawless opinion of why celebrities couldn't have done this and "why they can't defend themselves."

A "pop culture icon" and multi-million dollar miscreant companies with disgraceful legal track records, that she works for, with clear, indisputable evidence linking her to the misconduct and each company, who also "bring her work to the masses" because "they can't defend themselves" against me, one person, a girl, who filed the lawsuit pro-se. If you say so. 

5-2-06 - As I wrote about in the April Sound Off Column, there was a fifth burglary to my home, where copyrighted work compact discs were stolen with newer scripts, synopses, book manuscripts and music video scripts on them. As I wrote in the April Sound Off Column, a week after I reported them missing to the police, items from the discs appeared in the New York Daily News attributed to Madonna and two other writers.

Well, yesterday something else surfaced from the stolen work compact discs - a movie script that is now criminally being used by Columbia Pictures and Will Smith, who I am really disappointed in.

The synopsis for his 2007 film "Tonight, He Comes" was announced yesterday and it is an exact rip off of one of the copyrighted film script synopses that was on one of the stolen discs criminally taken from my home. She criminally sold it to them. Columbia Pictures’ parent company Sony is already a defendant in my case Aisha v. Madonna, which is on appeal.

I will fax this to the FBI as well.

From the April Sound Off Column where I wrote about the theft in detail:

1. "There have been errors in this case in the Miami Federal court. One too many. Just like someone in the Court amazingly misspelled the name “Madonna” in the computer system so that anyone who searches for the case WON’T FIND IT. Good thing I put it on line, then.

It’s amazing, they managed to spell all the other names right, including my difficult to spell name and others, but spelled Madonna incorrectly in the title "Madoona."

Not to mention, the info online contradicts information and templates prescribed by the Federal Rules Of Civil Procedure.

3. My home was broken into again. This makes the fifth break-in since this whole Madonna commissioned harassment, invasion of privacy and intellectual property theft campaign began.

The latest break-in occurred on April 2, 2006. Work compact discs containing newer projects I have been working on such as copyrighted book manuscripts, lyrics, film scripts and other copyrighted works were stolen straight off my desk. I called the Police and they sent an officer out.

Further searches of my discs have revealed that other CD ROMs are missing as well and I know she is in criminal possession of them, as a week after I reported them missing to the Police, data from one of the CD ROMs showed up a week later in the form of an article in the New York Daily News attributed to Madonna and writers Joe Dziemianowicz and Rebbeca Louie.

They stole a pre-release copy of my book "50 Reasons Why Hollywood Stinks" (that was on several CD ROMs in my home office/recording studio) from my house and used it weeks before it is due to be published, which constitutes at least 3 felonies.

They have illegally used items from my book, altered others and attributed it all to Madonna and said writers in the New York Daily News. Instead of "50 Reasons," they cut it down to "5 Signs" and changed items to make it about Madonna when the book wasn't about her. However, items from my unpublished book are in that infringing article and got there in a very felonious manner.

The Kabbalah cult and Scientology cult are known for doing this. There are documented legal cases that have been made public where it was revealed that they stole advance copies of books before they went to the publishers and criminally misappropriated them in their favor, violating innocent writers rights and copyrights. Each case involved breaking an entry.

The leader of Madonna’s cult, Phillip Berg was sued for breaking into the home of a dead rabbi and stealing his book manuscript, which he illegally published under his own name, taking credit for something he did not author. The later filed lawsuit revealed what he had done – breaking an entry, trespassing and criminal copyright infringement. He lost the case.

There definitely will be litigation regarding this, along with the other defamation of character/libel lawsuits for the articles that lunatic placed in the Daily News with Lloyd Grove and with Roger Friedman's Fox News column in trying to lie about the sick things she's been doing.

I faxed the FBI about it including a copy of the article from the New York Daily News.

2. Forthcoming Britney Spears rip off - I wrote and copyrighted a song I wrote about my little sister called “My Sister" over a year and a half ago and it is apart of my copyrighted catalog of songs, scripts, videos, manuscripts ect - that the defendants in the case gain illegal access to.

Lo and lo and behold, this month one of the defendants in my lawsuit, Britney Spears, released a clip of a rip off song from her forthcoming CD titled “For My Sister.” Yea that's a lot different from my song called "My Sister" you crook (sarcasm).

So Madonna is still acting like a hoodlum fencing stolen goods (my work) around Hollywood to the highest bidder, in acts that are criminal breaches of U.S. and U.N. laws.

Look for this case to go international in the near future and in a very ugly way."

4-28-06 - The case in on appeal after questionably being closed by Judge Marcia Cooke, who wrote down the intelligence insulting ruling that basically states "pop culture icons" and "the companies who bring their entertainment to the masses" don't break the law.  

Thanks to all of you who boycotted the rip off film "American Dreamz" that was stolen from my copyrighted work, as requested in last month's Sound Off Column. The film spectacularly bombed at the box office this month.

Keep checking back for more updates. 

12-23-05 - 1. Thanks to all of you who have been clicking the Google links and visiting the sponsored sites. It is appreciated.

2. Filed 58 page amended version of the lawsuit has been added to the web site. The amended version was requested by the Judge, Cecilia Altonaga, on December 9, 2005. On December 13, 2005, in a written motion, I formally requested she recuse herself as presiding judge in this case, due to a significant conflict of interest, among other things.

On December 22, 2005 I checked the Court's computers and it did reflect a new Judge had been assigned the case, however, I have not received written confirmation of this yet, therefore I cannot confirm it.

To read the amended version of the lawsuit, which adds new Defendants, due to Madonna continuing to behave as a criminal defacto publisher of my copyrighted catalog of works she has absolutely no rights to, unlawfully procured a copy of and criminally began using, please click here.

My copyrighted catalog, that that grubby criminal got her greedy hands on a copy of illegally and has been criminally using, contains over 6,500 songs, 2 dozen scripts, 4 dozen film synopsises, 11 book manuscripts, 4 dozen music video treatments and 3 dozen photo treatments. It is the largest privately owned and authored intellectual property catalog in the world.

3. Every song on "Confessions on A Dance Floor," released 6 weeks after I filed suit on September 30, 2005, ripped off items from my released CD "Aisha" and criminally damningly, from my private copyrighted catalog only available on my business computers that were hacked and in the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. Said catalog was copyrighted way before she infringed it. Dates of authorship were also digitally secured via other time stamped digital means and additionally through poor man's copyrights.

4. Another Madonna/Warner affiliate, Paul Weitz (Sitcom "Off Center" and forthcoming movie "His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass (2007)") has criminally used one of my already copyrighted scripts titled "Presidential Dreams" (script copyright 2002 and site registration www.presidentialdreams.com April 2002) to make his criminally infringing "American Dreamz" (copyright 2005, 3 years after my script and web site registration) for Universal Pictures and have been added to the lawsuit. I read a scene by scene synopsis of the film a couple weeks ago, written by a critic who saw it and immediately noticed the blaring infringements.

My 2002 copyrighted script “Presidential Dreams” is a patriotic comedy/drama about the American presidency, a singer and the Middle East, among other things – all unique and distinct in one script, among other items they willfully stole. Defendants Paul Weitz and Chris Weitz’s 2005 illegally copyrighted rip off script “American Dreamz” is an unpatriotic comedy/drama about the American presidency, a singer and the Middle East – all once unique to my previously copyrighted works until the Weitz brothers criminally ripped it off.

Details of this latest round of infringements and the criminal aspect of it, will be discussed in the next Sound Off Column.

5. Lawsuits for the Madonna/Liz Rosenberg sponsored defamation/libel campaign in the New York Daily News and in the ever wrong Roger Friedman Fox News Column, will be filed shortly. When I file it, I will post it to the web site.

6. I'm now adding UNIVERSAL PICTURES to the boycott for the above mentioned reasons:

BOYCOTT - The boycott is going well. Thanks to all who are participating.

Boycott the following companies and their products. When you see them on the shelves, leave them there. Don't go see their movies and don't buy their music and related products:

Madonna (all Madonna products, especially "Hung Up " and "Confessions on a Dance Floor")
Warner Bros
Warner Bros Records
Warner Bros Films
Warner Vision
Buena Vista Pictures
Walt Disney Pictures
Gary Marshall
Maverick Records
Maverick Films
Lions Gate Films
Nick Cannon
Gwen Stefani
The Neptunes
Missy Elliot
Calloway Arts and Entertainment
The Sun Newspaper UK

10-21-05 - There was a problem with the site this week that I just caught. The site clips that were online are the old ones, not from the new CDs. Someone rolled back the updates I had done on Saturday and rerouted the links to point to the old albums clips, not the new ones. The new store page was also knocked off line by a hacker. Someone is still sabotaging this web site via hacking in the same style of hacking my catalog was illegally accessed and used without permission. Sorry for the inconvenience. To hear the new album clips go to www.aishamusic.com/store.htm Keep checking back for site updates.

10-20-05 - Forthcoming multi-million dollar lawsuit against journalist Lloyd Grove and the New York Daily news for the defamatory piece they ran today regarding the lawsuit (among other things). Forthcoming suit and accompanying exhibits will be posted online. Mr. Grove, why did you email me yesterday? It's a good thing I didn't respond in time, missing your deadline to go to print considering the type of journalist you are. 

In said arranged article Madonna's publicist Liz Rosenberg caught a case of amnesia and senility all at once. Fancy that. I'm being insulted by a washed up publicist kissing a washed up untalented lip syncing star's butt, who made her way to fame by, as one African newspaper wrote yesterday "trampling anyone in her path to fame and fortune." A publicist who cusses off rabbis (God have mercy on your depraved soul, as it takes a really foul human being to cuss off a rabbi and publicly so).

You referred to me as Misswhatshername in said article. It's amazing, just like you lot pretended you didn't know who Keith Sorrantino was - you know, the little 10 year old New York boy Madonna was sued for choking and beating up for pestering her for an autograph on "her day off" and his family sued the sense out of her for it. Yes, that was very sane, rational behavior on her part (not). Most people who do that end up institutionalized. It seems you lot get amnesia as to who people are every time she does something criminal that can land her in jail.

Liz, I know you're in your 70's, but are you really senile already, luv. Did you not read my lawsuit that you lot were served that you are named as a defendant in or have you forgotten your own name as well. It's a good thing my web site stats don't have amnesia because for months it's been clocking hits from you lot.

So who do we believe, an established rabbi cusser who defends a child choker popstar or a detailed digital site stats program used by tens of thousands of webmasters around the world that says you lot know exactly who I am...hmmm! So much for your credibility. And from the feedback I've gotten, the public doesn't believe you lot. You've done this rubbish too many times now to too many innocent people. So keep spinning until you're a tornado, Liz. I'll be there to rain on your parade.

10-19-05 - Forthcoming multi-million dollar lawsuit against journalist Roger Friedman, Fox News and News Corp, for Defamation of Character, Libel, Negligence, Negligent Misrepresentation, Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement. Mr. Friedman published a libelous article about me today on Fox News' web site that defamed me and failed to mention numerous facts about Madonna and this case, such as Madonna's established history of copyright infringement and plagiarism (she's been sued for it 7 times and publicly accused of it over 2 dozen times) and assault (it was reported that she choked Dick Clarke's son Rac and 10 year old Keith Sorrantino on separate occasions, the latter having sued her and she quietly settled it). Nor did he mention that her lawyer Bert Fields is being investigated by the FBI for wiretapping via his private investigator. Nor did he mention reported victims of said wiretapping are Sylvester Stallone, Gary Shandling, Diane Diamond and a fellow journalist Anita Busch, to name a few. Nor did he put a link to the lawsuit to let people "judge for themselves" as he said - as their judgment is to be based on his acts of defamation and libel.

He slammed Beyonce, an African American singer, and several black hip hop stars (like Nelly and Kanye West) this week for not writing their music, but taking all the credit for it, yet glowingly writes about Madonna, a white artist, who is the industry's most established and frequent copyright infringing star (just look at the court docket that's been stacked with cases against her for said misconduct). A bit of a double standard there?

He also failed to inform his readers that one of his employer's newspapers' The Sun Newspaper UK, is a Defendant in the Madonna lawsuit that he mocked, questioning whether it was a prank (when you get served my lawsuit against you, you can ask yourself if you've "been punk'd" as you wrote in relation to Madonna). Have you not heard of Pacer or actually calling a court to fact check or is fact checking a new concept to you. Well, I think it's the latter.

When the call came in from your employers News Corp for you to try to discredit me through your column, did you bother to tell them you'd been plagiarizing my Sound Off Column for months, you hypocrite? When I get through with you legally and verbally, you'll wish you hadn't written that article, but had quit your job and applied at the Enquirer, when they'd asked you to try to discredit me when I'm telling the truth about what happened and have proof to back it up.

Mr. Friedman, I do read your column and you yourself have nicked items from my Sound Off Column VERBATIM just as your co-workers at the Sun did. You plagiarize this page often and I have the copyrights, poor man's copyrights and burned time stamped discs to prove when I wrote each article, then your later released rip offs, Mr. Blair, oops I mean Mr. Friedman. Here's one of your rip offs:

Sound Off Column - February 14, 2005, I wrote about lip synching and pop stars - "Spears cannot sing and her lip-syncing looks like a poorly synced karate film."

Three weeks later on March 8, 2005 Roger Friedman wrote on Fox News about pop stars and lip syncing as well: "She was often so out of breath, while dancing and trying to add in a vocal here and there, that sometimes the tracks were playing without her moving her lips. It was a little like those bad, out-of-synch Japanese films from the 1950s."

I've got several more comparisons just like it that are now forthcoming case exhibits.

Not to mention thanks to IP numbers, these things are traceable (I have saved 2 years worth of site records). Look for the lawsuit and service thereof within a month. The lawsuit and all the exhibits showing you plagiarizing my web site will be posted on the site for all to read as well.

I can see why you defended that thief Madonna. You are one as well. You know what they say, birds of a feather...

Roger Friedman today proved that Fox News needs to change its slogan from "Fair and Balanced" to "Unfair and Unbalanced." I will no longer watch your network and advise people to do the same. 

10-17-05 - Criminal complaint submitted to the Metropolitan Police/Scotland Yard in London regarding Madonna, Victoria Newton and The Sun Newspaper's misconduct.

10-15-05 - Lawsuit posted.

next page



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