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COMING SOON: international lawsuits & more comparative lists of artist infringements.


I wrote a film and book that the defendants have ripped off. Madonna kept the book for herself, changing the name of my book from Beautiful Inspirations to Madonna's Inspirations and now the accompanying film it was from has been criminally sold and renamed "Blonde Ambition" after one of her cruddy tours and illegally purchased from Madonna by Joe Simpson and Sony BMG's Jessica Simpson.

My movie script is about a girl from the South (in America) that leaves and heads to New York to climb the corporate ladder. Their rip off is about exactly the same thing, but renamed after one of Madonna's tours, Blonde Ambition.

To cover the rip off of my script, Jessica Simpson tried to say in an interview that the film Blonde Ambition is like Working Girl, but I saw Working Girl on TV, and she a New Jersey Girl that started working in New York, apart of the Tri-State area.

It's the same way Madonna lied about criminally stealing "Material Girls," which she stole from my film script "Contemporary Girl."


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