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1-29-09 Sites Inappropriately And Temporarily Removed Yesterday

Yuck personified

Lunatic Madonna and her crazy hackers at Digilink put someone named Dan Taylor from destination360.com up to emailing me about a photo I used on the site, under Fair Use, featuring the skyline in Cuba, to promote goodwill between said country and America, during a political dispute, after the EUís decision to lift the trade embargo. I opened his email and read it, as it had no attachment, which are often dangerous.

I read the email, removed the photo from the article http://www.judiciaryreport.com/eu_lifts_sanctions_on_cuba.htm and that was it or so I thought.

Then he started to spam me, sending emails over and over again with attachments. As any experienced webmaster knows, one should avoid emails with attachments from people you do not know, as they often contain viruses and trojans that can infect your computer, website and servers.

Dan Taylor of destination360.com committed perjury, filed a fraudulent claim with my web host Go Daddy, who without checking to see that the photo that was covered by Fair Use, was no longer in the article, having been removed from it days prior, yanked the entire string of websites from the internet, with no prior notice.

After Iíve spent several thousand dollars with Go Daddy over the last few years in hosting, domain names and other services, they showed me no courtesy, gave no warning, just yanked the sites then sent the email stating the above mentioned individual filed a claim.

I asked in writing why no one checked to see the claim was not valid, as the item had been removed from the article days prior and received an answer of, "It was a misunderstanding" and they put the websites back online.

But I do not like the implications of it. This means any idiot can send a claim and fraudulently get a website yanked if they do not like what is written on it. Webmasters take note.

This is not the first time Madonna and her hackers at Digilink did something like this. Remember several months ago when they illegally got my Word Press blog yanked by committing perjury in an email stating I was plagiarizing the JudiciaryReport.com website, which I own.

Madonnaís hackers at Digilink consistently target me via sending trojans and viruses to my personal IP address and via email to the websites.

Thatís when they are not sending me death threats and other threats of serious violence by email, sending DOS attacks to the site and trying to illegally block my internet connection to stop the sites from being updated, causing them to go online late.

They even sent trojans to my computer on Christmas Day with the aim of trying to destroy the site and block me from publishing my Christmas well wish to my readers.

Her hackers at Digilink are fellow lunatics in Kabbalah, whose psychosis resembles Britney Spearsí brainwashed insanity during her breakdown, as their threatening emails are crazy. They are not rational people.

In light of the fact that Dan Taylor of destination360.com acted in bad faith, it illustrates they are a site/company you really should not patronize with your dollars or support. I know I wonít.

He is also a hypocrite, as in reading his site briefly last night I realized they have plagiarized preexisting copyrighted articles by other writers. Should I go around emailing those writers encouraging them to get the site yanked Ė no, because I have a life and better things to do.

This was done because Madonnaís hackers, during their daily hacks, saw something in my computer regarding a forthcoming site announcement I plan to make on February 1, 2009 regarding the Sony Music case. They donít want it to go online. Therefore, destroying my rights to free speech, committing fraud and violating the Civil Rights Act, are the only things the losers could think of.

Imagine that, Madonna's minions from the Miami Kabbalah Center criminally broke into my home several times and stole CD-ROMs with copyrights on them, for her, in conduct they've been sued for doing to a rabbi. Copyrights Madonna illegally started using AFTER I reported the discs stolen to the police (I have back-up copies).

While her hosting company Digilink illegally hacked my computers many times to access and unlawfully steal copies of a preexisting, years old Copyrighted Catalog, she has been using without permission, in criminal violation of the law, constituting serious felonies that brought Madonna and her cronies over $1 billion dollars in ill-gotten gain.

Yet they have the nerve to complain about a photo I posted to the site, covered by Fair Use, that I didnít make a penny off of and did not mass produce, even removing it when asked.

But keep it up, if your record sales go any lower from public backlash over your abusive, illegal conduct, they are going to have to put a negative sign in front of the number of albums sold.


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