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Aisha v. Madonna Lawsuit

LINKS: LawsuitAppeals Brief | The Dozens Of Artists Madonna Has Ripped Off | Plagiarism Article

Computer Specialists Certify Hackings Of My Computer | FBI/DOJ Letter About Computer/Identity Theft |

Robert Mueller (FBI) Delivery Confirmation Receipt Of My Formal Complaint | Filed Met Police Complaint |

Supreme Court Petition | Human Rights Abuse Complaint (UN) | Hacker's Computer Info | FBI FOI Request


"Can I Live" infringement by Nick Cannon

My 2004 Why Did This Happen To Me piano riff vs. Nick Cannon's 2005 Can I Live Piano riff

Listen to them back to back and you hear the crystal clear duplication of my piano riff

That's a clear rip off of my piano riff - he only sped up the tempo to hide the theft. It is clear he stole my original piano riff and used it for April 2005's "Can I Live" and I have a copyrighted unreleased song from July of 2004 called "Let Me Live" and another titled "Unborn" which is about abortion as well, that I dropped from the album at the last minute in December 2004 due to lack of space, opting to write a December 2004 article about abortion instead.

Nick Cannon clearly plagiarized the article for his song, applying it to himself and his circumstances in addition to deliberately stealing the copyrighted piano riff from my copyrighted song "Why Did This Happen To Me," which I referred to in 2004 on this site as my best song from the album "Aisha."

My song was released and copyrighted way before Nick Cannon's. He's got absolutely no excuse for this. He did this deliberately. Even gave it a Christian slant like my song - when his songs in the past have been about partying, getting drunk and chasing women (even MTV noted that and questioned the sudden change in direction by Cannon).




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