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Aisha v. Madonna Lawsuit

LINKS: LawsuitAppeals Brief | The Dozens Of Artists Madonna Has Ripped Off | Plagiarism Article

Computer Specialists Certify Hackings Of My Computer | FBI/DOJ Letter About Computer/Identity Theft |

Robert Mueller (FBI) Delivery Confirmation Receipt Of My Formal Complaint | Filed Met Police Complaint |

Supreme Court Petition | Human Rights Abuse Complaint (UN) | Hacker's Computer Info | FBI FOI Request


Madonna’s cousin Gwen Stefani who stole my 2001 copyrighted song “Contemporary Girl” and made it into 2006’s "Orange County Girl" If you listen to the songs, they are both sung the same, both have the same lyrics, melodies, song structure and music under it - only I wrote and copyrighted mine years ago in 2001.

The titles even sound the same when you drop the Orange from 2006’s “Orange Country Girl” and put it next to my previously copyrighted 2001 "Contemporary Girl.”

Here are the lyrical comparisons that show they blatant, lazy copying. I've put the ripped off lyrics in boldface to help you see it easier:

Contemporary Girl (2001) by Aisha

Orange County Girl (2006) by Gwen Stefani

La La La

La La La La 

Contemporary girl
Living in this world

I'm just an Orange
County girl
Living in an extraordinary world

Being an old fashioned girl
Isn't so bad

I guess being I'm an orange county girl
it's not so bad

And how long you've been trippin'

I'm trippin' on the best trip I've ever had

I know that's not how you want to be

Tryin' to figure out what I wanna be

Tryin' to wear the pants

Tryin' to figure out what I wanna be

...extraordinary mask

...extraordinary world

So ladies, sing it with me

Sing it And then the girls sing

With the life that you're selling

Hangin' at the hotel, selling...

Like in love
What are we thinking

You know I come from O.C. it's almost unheard of
So I'm gonna thank you all so much for this

Why ya wanna trip

I'm trippin' on the best trip I've ever had


In Contemporary Girl I write about the movie "Home Alone":

If you wanna be a feminist
Do it on your own
And you'll be like that movie
Home Alone

In Orange Country Girl she writes about the movie "The Sound Of Music":

These are a few of my favorite things
Still rolling 'cause the sound of music


In Contemporary Girl I make reference to the weather in the form of Earthquakes in California on the San Andreas fault, ironically where she is from:


"He shakes in the dust like you're San Andreas
Then you bring out his

In her rip off Orange County Girl she makes reference to the weather in the form of hurricanes and in "Miami" which has been my hometown for the past 22 years:


"Set it on repeat, make a hurricane in Miami"



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