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Britney Spears has been sued 5 times by writers and producers all over the world for copyright infringement. She stole 5 songs from my preexisting Copyrighted Catalog. Two of the infringing songs were pulled from the album Blackout when I named and slammed the two songs online. But upon inspection of the now released Blackout CD, I found 2 more infringements that are on the album. Comparative infringements are highlighted below in red and blue, where not compared in alternating lines:

1. 2007's ďGet BackĒ by Britney Spears:

Aisha Lyrics 2004 vs. Britney Spears "Get Back" 2007


AISHA: Weíre you looking for me
BRITNEY: Youíre the one who's looking for me
AISHA: You wonder why
BRITNEY: I wonder why?
AISHA: You used to be so cool
BRITNEY: You used to be the one
AISHA: Let her be happy
BRITNEY: who asked me to let her be
AISHA: Youíre the one
BRITNEY: so you're the one
AISHA: Letís get back together
BRITNEY: who want us to get back
AISHA: Forever weíve got to make it together
BRITNEY: you say lets get back together lets get back forever
AISHA: How you follow me around town like a little puppy
BRITNEY: who's following me around like a homeless dog
AISHA: You pray that things get better
BRITNEY: and you pray
AISHA: Letís get back together
BRITNEY: let's get back together
AISHA: Youíre the one
BRITNEY: now youíre the one
AISHA: Chasing after him
BRITNEY: whoís chasing me
AISHA: You keep following me around town
BRITNEY: it's like your following me everywhere
AISHA: I pray for you at night
BRITNEY: i used to pray for that to happen
AISHA: I donít care
BRITNEY: But now I just don't care
AISHA: and it is annoying
BRITNEY: itís starting to annoy me
AISHA: Youíre crazy
BRITNEY: Iím getting crazy
AISHA: Youíll be free but without me
BRITNEY: u were the one who asked me to be free
AISHA: Oh baby
BRITNEY: oh baby
AISHA: on my own
BRITNEY: Iím on my own now
AISHA: You ought to think about that
BRITNEY: you should have thought of that
AISHA: How can I believe the things you say
BRITNEY: cause now I just don't care what you say
AISHA: Nobody cares what you think
BRITNEY: now I don't care what u can be thinking
AISHA: You need to stay out of my life
BRITNEY: now your just so out of my way
AISHA: Iím better off for it
BRITNEY: That Iím better without you
AISHA: I donít need you
BRITNEY: I found out I didn't need u to survive
AISHA: When I realize I donít need you
BRITNEY: Iíve also realized that u were the one who needs me
AISHA: Stop trying to call me
BRITNEY: who'll call me

2. State Of Grace - A song title in my Copyrighted Catalog, song #1687, copyrighted in 2004 (certificate #PAu2-902-060 September 14 2004), for a beat they did not use is titled "State of Grace." Song # 1371 in my Copyrighted Catalog, copyrighted in 2004, is titled " Fairy Tale Love" and she ripped off some of the catchy hook from it to make the bridge to her 2007 song "State Of Grace." There are melodies, harmonies and rhythm parts from my December 24, 2004 copyright (copyright certificate #PAu2-938-924, December 23, 2004) that she ripped off for the song as well.


Aisha "State Of Grace" & "Fairy Tale Love" 2004 Britney Spears "State Of Grace" 2007
Its like a dream
But real
And I like how I feel
That we feel
Is a dream
That we know is real


The moon and sun met


(Taken from song #3438 copyrighted 2004 titled "I want to live")



Like the moon and sun we fade to one


(To say "like the moon and sun we fade into one" is the same metaphor for saying what I had written years prior "the moon and sun meet" meaning they are together and become one).


3. "Why Should I Be Sad" 2007 by Britney Spears - produced and written by Pharrell Williams, is a rip off of my song  song "Done." 

"Done" and "By The One I Love" by Aisha March 12, 2007 (Copyright "Aisha Work 27" and "Aisha Work 29" PAu3-129-527) "Why Should I Be Sad?" by Britney Spears October 31, 2007

"By The One I Love"


I couldnít believe he did it

Betrayed me

Played me

Like a game

"Why Should I Be Sad?"


They couldn't believe I did it...

My friends said you would play me

But I just said they're crazy

Leave me alone

Weíre through

And itís about you...


Itís time for you

To move on

Go about your business


Just take it all

As a sign that we're through

It's time for me to move along

It's time for me to get it on

I'm tired of singing sad songs

(All right)

It's time for me

(Britney, let's go)


 4. "Out Of This World" by Britney Spears:

"Radio Astronomy"2005 & "The Only Stars Are In The Sky" by Aisha 2006 "Out Of This World" by Britney Spears (Bonus track available on Target store "Blackout" CD) November 2007
"Radio Astronomy"  

Radio astronomy

Music that is out of this world

"Outta This World" 

I know you hear me on your radio

Well here we go

the only stars
are in the sky

In my sky
We're the stars




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